FVSU to host “Lipstick, Hugs and Kisses Conference” in September

August 25, 2015 – Fort Valley State University will serve as the host for a conference seeking to eliminate dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. The Fort Valley Links, Incorporated will present the “Lipstick, Hugs and Kisses Conference” on Saturday,

FVSU SAFE Tips August 24-29

Guarding against Robbery and Assault
Tip 1: When making an ATM transaction from your car, be aware of your surroundings. Keep your eyes and ears open, and keep car doors locked.
Tip 2: Be aware of your surroundings. Safety and …

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FVSU Volunteer Agreement Forms

Fort Valley State University’s Volunteer Agreement is new and improved. The new version supersedes and replaces any previous versions. All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Agreement form. 

To access the new Volunteer Agreement, click here.…

FVSU SAFE Tips – August 17-21

August 17-21
Guarding against Robbery and Assault
Tip 1: Self defense measures are most effective when applied as preventive steps—avoiding the crime in the first place. These measures include running away, hiding, screaming, and raising an alarm—remember, more people will …

FVSU Safety Tips August 16-14

Guarding against Robbery and Assault
Tip 1: If you are involved in a heated argument that appears to be turning violent, walk away. If you fight “to prove something,” you will only demonstrate poor judgment.
Tip 2: Never carry a …

FVSU hosts Victims’ Visitors Day on campus

August 12, 2015 – Middle Georgia victims of crime  recently met with Georgia law enforcement officers to share their concerns about offenders and to learn status updates of criminal cases at the Victims Visitors’ Day held on July 30 at …

FVSU Safe Tips August 3-7

Guarding against Robbery and Assault
Tip 1: When using an ATM after hours, make sure it’s well-lit.
Tip 2: Never walk away from an ATM with cash still in hand. If you are going to count your money, do so …