FVSU HPE Complex Parking Lot Improvement Initiative


Dear Alumni and Friends of FVSU,

We are a small committee of alumni and friends of Fort Valley State University working in partnership with our institution and endorsed by the FVSU National Alumni Association, Inc.

Our goal is to raise funds and solicit donated materials through in–kind donations to our alma mater to undertake a project of improving the field parking lot at the Health and Physical Education Complex.  We need your help to make this project a reality.
The field parking lot is in very bad condition and needs repairs. It has open dirt spaces, spotted grassy areas, ongoing erosion, uneven terrain and major water flow problems. The facility has a 5,500-seating capacity for events, but has inadequate asphalt parking spaces, and the empty, adjoining field is used as a parking lot.
During inclement weather, alumni, students, faculty, guests and friends attending events get heavily soiled while walking through dirt and mud to make their way to the HPE Building.  The proposed improvements to the field parking lot would correct the above problems and help beautify this area of campus.
We have consulted with an engineering firm and received professional advice on how to improve and correct problems with the field using cost-effective means. Improvements would involve installing multiple lanes using crush and run materials for vehicles to access double –tier parking on the grass throughout the field in an organized configuration. Grading areas on the field area would help with water flow problems.  The grass will be re-seeded as needed.

Our goal is to raise $50,000. We will also accept in–kind donations of donated labor, materials and supplies.  The in-kind donations needed are:

  • Donated labor, crush and run materials that cost $335 per dump truck load
  • Small or large rolls of landscape fabric
  • Light and heavy equipment
  • Silk fencing fabric
  • #58 rock materials

Persons donating materials and resources must keep up with all purchase receipts and complete required forms, e.g. IRS-8283 form and a “Gift-In-Kind Donor form” to receive your tax credit.

Donor giving categories are: ($100-$199 Bronze), ($200-$399 Silver) and ($400-$500+ Gold). We need your help to make this a reality. When we reach our goal, donors’ names will be inscribed on a monument to recognize their loyalty and support. It will be erected near the front of the HPE Complex on campus.

Thanks in advance for your contributions toward this initiative.

For more information on the project please contact Richard Allen at 678-789-2735 or rbaalmetro@aol.com.


Richard B. Allen, Chairman
Health and Physical Education Field Parking Lot Improvement Committee

Melvin “Doug” Morris, President
FVSU National Alumni Association, Inc.

Donor Levels:
Bronze ($100-199) • Silver ($200-$399) • Gold ($400-$500)

Please Remember:

Thousands of companies and corporate foundations in the United States currently match their employees’ gifts to nonprofit organizations such as universities. Under a corporate matching gift program, gifts made by a company’s eligible employee or employee’s spouse are matched with company or corporate foundation funds.

Committee Members

Richard Allen

Melvin Douglas “Doug” Morris

Willie Ison

J.C. Postell, Sr.

Lonnie Bartley

Ed Boston

Ray Jones

John Simmons

Richard B. Allen

Freddie Riggins

Melvin D. Morris

Frank A. Latimore

James C. Postell

Oscar Jesse

Douglas Vason

Arthur and Bernice Johnson

Larry Shelley

FVSU Albany Area Alumni Chapter

Evelyn J. Boynton

FVSU Greater Miami Alumni Chapter

Ruby N. Myers

Merline V. McCloud

Ora James – Williams

Tara L. Robinson

Mirian Tiller

Richard Taylor

Irma B. Penn

Luetisha Sampson

Anthony N. Love

Marvolene H. Clack

Marva Hackney

Earline Pitts

Gwendolyn H. Young

Roy E. Hadley

Conneva Hall

Geraldine Peek

Bettye L. Sain

Alphonso B. Varner

To Donate:

  • Complete the form below
  • Call or visit the FVSU Foundation Office, Evans Building, 100 E. Main Street, Fort Valley, Ga.; (478) 825-6474
  • Download the form via the link: HPE Parking Lot Improvement Form (pdf)
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