Research Opportunities

Current Level of Student Research Opportunities


  • FVSU provides extensive research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students via several federal and university initiatives, such as NSF, Title III (SAFRA) Funds and the Dreamers’
  • FEE Fund.


  • FVSU students have received world-wide recognition for their outstanding research. Too, they have been granted opportunities to present their research at both national and international conferences and laboratories.

Samples of Research Opportunities


  • Ten FVSU students, along with Dr. Sarwan Dhir, traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend the Minority Access, Inc. Role Models Conference from October 3-5, 2014. Kelli Russell, a senior Plant Science Biotech major, and Dr. Frederick McLaughlin, a FVSU Associate Professor of Biology, were both


  • Four FVSU students attended the University Leadership Council on October 8, 2014 to share details of their summer internships. Kelli Russell, a senior Plant Science Biotech major, interned at the University of Washington; Joshua Farmer, a senior Management major, interned with the Georgia Lottery;


  • Recognized as “role models” at the conference that celebrates academic excellence and diversity. Russell won the National Role Model Student Award, McLaughlin won the National Role Model Faculty Award, and FVSU won a special award from Minority Access, Inc. for being a high-achieving university.


Jeremy Wimes, a senior Plant Science Biotech major, interned with the University of Florida; and Eric Ackaah, a senior Computer Science major, interned with the Deloitte-Touche. The presentations by the students were one of the highlights of the council meeting.


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