Agricultural Economics Major

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Degree Program

Economics is the science which examines how goods and services are produced, how they get to their intended end user, customers, in most cases, and how they are consumed and used by that end user. It looks at why producers are motivated to create products and provide services to others, the circumstances related to sales and purchasing, and how money and monetary policy impact the ability of people get the things they need or desire. Practitioners in the field also look at how the decisions governments, companies, and individuals make impact production and consumption cycles.

Agricultural economics looks especially at how economics affects agriculture—why crops are grown, why animals are raised, how they are produced and sold, and how people obtain and consume the agricultural products they want and need.

Professionals with agricultural economics backgrounds pursue careers as economists, financial analysts, financial services sales agents, public interest advocates, and commodity brokers.

The agricultural economics program at Fort Valley State University is designed to prepare students for professional positions in sales, service, merchandising, management, analytical and statistical work with private and public agricultural and agriculturally related business and agencies. It is also designed to prepare students for additional study in graduate and professional school.

Students at FVSU can earn a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree with a major in agricultural economics.

The program is administered through the College of Agriculture, Family Sciences, and Technology.