University College

Pre-College Academy

The Pre-College Academy (PCA) is a program at FVSU designed as a transition program between high school and college. It is created to help selected students, who meet well-defined criteria increase their chances of becoming eligible to attend college after completing high school. PCA includes a total of five weeks of intensive remediation in the subjects of English, Reading, and Mathematics, surrounded by a wealth of academic support services such as tutoring, mentoring, supplemental instruction, self-paced labs, and experiences that include aspects of college orientation, campus-centered activities, and higher education socialization.

The goal of PCA is to prepare students in core educational areas so that they might achieve college acceptance. In addition, the program includes an array of speakers, activities, and weekend activities centered on topics related to college orientation. The intent is to create awareness of and to motivate interest in the postsecondary experience.

For more information about FVSU’s Pre-College Academy contact: Dr. Stevie L. Lawrence II at 478-822-1018 or email: