Mr. and Miss FVSU and Royal Court

Mr. and Miss FVSU and the Royal Court are the official student representatives of the Wildcat spirit, legacy, and values. They are the institution’s chief student ambassadors and exemplify the best of the college in every venue in which they are present. Through a large number of appearances, speaking engagements, volunteer activities, and meetings each year, they convey FVSU mission and message to audiences across the country. Elected by the student body, they serve on numerous committees and task forces at the institution.


Miss FVSU Ayauna A. Ellis and Mr. FVSU Charles Waller, III
Miss FVSU Ayauna A. Ellis and Mr. FVSU Charles Waller, III

2017-18 Royal Court

Miss FVSU–Ayauna A. Ellis
Mr. FVSU– Charles Waller, III







Miss Fort Valley State University Ayauna A. Ellis is a senior chemistry major from Atlanta. She is a “preacher’s kid” and enjoys volunteering in the community in addition to playing on FVSU’s volleyball team, where she was #1 in blocks for the 2015 season. She has presented research at a major conference and directed a health and wellness program. She also served as Miss Junior.

Mr. Fort Valley State University Charles Waller III is an agricultural economics major from Macon. He is family oriented and plans to open an adult day center after serving in the military. He’s made the Dean’s List, and was chosen as Mr. Basketball and Mr. 1895 before being elected the new Mr. FVSU. The two will begin their reign at the beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year. They dropped by the Marketing and Communications Department to share insight into their plans.

Watch: Charles Waller talks about his plans as Mr. FVSU.
Watch: Ayauna Ellis talks about her plans as Miss FVSU.


Question: Why did you choose to run for the office to which you were just elected?

AYAUNA ELLIS: I have received so much from my institution. This is my way to dedicate my time and everything I have [to give back.]

CHARLES WALLER, III: I truly feel that Fort Valley State University helped me become the man I am today.

Question: What do you think you can do as a leader to help FVSU?

AYAUNA: I believe that leaders aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves.

CHARLES: I feel that, as a leader, I can bring our student body closer and [increase] our student enrollment.

Question: What are your top goals for your year in office?

AYAUNA: To bridge the gap between the university and the community, increase enrollment, push for good health initiatives, and become a mentor to the queens on campus.

CHARLES: To build the confidence of Wildcats in their ability to do whatever they want to do in life, work hand in hand with the SGA to make the FVSU college experience the best in the country, and start an “each one, teach one” program for our young generation who we hope are future Wildcats.

Question: How do you plan to accomplish these goals?

CHARLES: With the help of the Royal Court, using different aspects [of our experiences] that have helped mold us.

AYAUNA: By working with the president, deans, SGA president, and Mr. FVSU, traveling to aid in recruitment, and hosting events back home [in Atlanta].

Question: Why did you chose FVSU?

CHARLES: My whole family came here, from my grandparents to my aunts to my cousins. I also wanted the HBCU experience. 

AYAUNA: I came on a volleyball scholarship, and it has been a “home away from home.”

Question: Why did you choose your major?

AYAUNA: Chemistry is the study of matter. I love to figure out solutions. This the beginning of how I can make the world a better place. We need medicine.

CHARLES: I chose [agricultural economics] because it is very diverse and gives you ample opportunities when picking a career.

Question: What are your plans after graduation?

AYAUNA: I plan to further my education in the pharmaceutical field. After obtaining my second degree, I plan to serve my country in the Air Force as a 2nd Lieutenant.

CHARLES: I plan to be an officer in the United States Army.

Question: What is your favorite inspirational message or quote?

AYAUNA: Philippians 4:13—“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

CHARLES: Frederick Douglas—“Where there is no struggle, there is no progress.”