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English & Foreign Languages

The Department of English and Foreign Languages at Fort Valley State University is meeting change head-on as we prepare students for various careers by providing them with skills and degrees we describe as their passport to success.
--Dr. Washella Simmons, Interim Head of English and Foreign Languages

The Department of English and Foreign Languages offers a number of majors and minors to meet your intellectual and vocational needs. We offer a traditional Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in English. Students pursuing this B.A. degree track in English may choose from either the literature track or the technical and professional writing track. Most courses for the writing track are available online. Students in these tracks would be able to pursue a number of exciting future possibilities ranging from graduate school, to teaching, to law or medical school, the publishing field, journalism, or professional writing. An English degree can also be your ticket into nearly any aspect of the rapidly growing field of either traditional or electronic communication. Additionally, graduates are prepared to teach in public schools and to pursue careers in government, business, and industry.

Minors in Spanish and English are also available. A minor is an important tool for an undergraduate student as it serves to broaden your body of working knowledge as you enter the work force and it can also sharpen your focus of study if you are preparing for graduate school. For instance, Business majors who minor in English make themselves more marketable simply because, assuming they received good grades in their classes, it shows a potential employer they have trained to become better communicators. It can also sharpen one’s focus in that if you are a history major who wishes to spend your research time studying the ancient Greeks, then being an English minor might give you that chance to increase your understanding of Homer and Hesiod.

In conjunction with other programs, the department also offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Creative Arts, Spanish, International Studies, African World Studies and Environmental Science.

The department also provides “core courses.” These are required courses which are taken by students in all other academic units. Courses in writing, literature, philosophy, French, Spanish, and Japanese assist students in meeting their general education outcomes as required by the university and the University System of Georgia. The English and Foreign Languages curricula are designed to provide the communication, critical thinking, cultural, creative, service and philosophical components of traditional liberal arts.

Courses offered by the department are designated as ENGL, FREN, SPAN, or PHIL.

Individual degree requirements are outlined in the FVSU catalog which is available online. You may, contact us and we will be happy to send you more information. Click the links below for PDF versions of the individual degree requirements for the majors and minors offered by the department.

  • The Department of English & Foreign Languages

    • prepares students for graduate study in English or French and other allied fields such as law;
    • prepares students to teach French in the secondary schools; and
    • offers general education courses designed to guide the student toward receiving and transmitting ideas accurately and effectively, interpreting and appreciating literary expression, and understanding the nature of language and its importance in intellectual growth

    Specifically, the department offers these degrees:

    • Bachelor of Arts in English (with major
      options of a literature track and professional writing track; the writing track is also fully online)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, Spanish Concentration
    • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with a major in French
    • Minors in Spanish and English are also available
  • Entrance to the first course in English, ENGL 1101, Composition, is determined by achievement of an acceptable score on a placement test. To proceed from one Core Curriculum class in English to the next, a student must earn a grade of "C" or better in each class. To be admitted to courses on the 3000 and 4000 levels, the English major must meet the following criteria:

    1. Have earned a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or higher
    2. Have completed all course work required to remedy deficiencies noted as a result of the Sophomore Assessment Project, ENGL 2153. Majors must earn a “C” or better in all English courses.
    3. Majors are required to present a research or project proposal which will be critiqued by faculty the semester or session prior to taking the senior capstone course (ENGL 4183 or 4193).
    4. English majors should take ENGL 1001, English Orientation, in addition to FVSU 0100, Orientation to the University.
    5. At least one internship or practicum is required.
    6. Additionally, majors are expected to participate in one or more of the following departmental student organizations:
      • Creative Writing Club
      • Foreign Language Club
      • English Club,
      • Alpha Mu Gamma (foreign language honor society)
      • Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society

      All Fort Valley State University students are welcome to participate in these organizations.

    Degree Outlines

    Below please find PDFs of the English Major Balance Sheets, which include course outlines and more details about the majors.

    The Technical and Professional Writing program is available as a fully online program. For more information, go to or call: (478) 825-6338.

  • If you have any additional questions or would like more information, feel free to contact us using the information below:

    Dr. Mehan
    Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

    Dr. Washella Simmons
    Interim Head
    ASTP of English and Academic Advisor
    Department of English and Foreign Languages
    233 Miller
    (478) 825.1771
    (478) 825-6110

    Felecia Sharpe
    Administrative Assistant
    217 Miller

    Dorothy Hardman
    Director, W.I.N. Lab
    203 Miller

  • Barrnard, Mary

    Beaty, Carmen
    221 Miller

    Davy, Brian

    Demenchonok, Edward
    229 Miller

    Dubriel, Victoria
    208A Miller

    Gafford-Williams, Tia
    230 Miller

    Keita, Mamadou
    223 Miller

    Mauzerall, Jorgette
    231 Miller

    Milliman, Craig
    232 Miller

    Murphy, Keith
    209 Miller

    Rodgers, Michael

    Pitts, Berlethia J.

    Soliz, Christine
    234 Miller

    Wang, Zhigang
    220 Miller

  • In addition to the standard courses offered by most English and Foreign Language Departments; we have a few on the schedule which should thrill majors and may just be of great interest as electives to students from other majors. Among those to watch for:

    • ENGL 2073 On Line Communication – From the history of the ‘net to how to build your own web suites, bots and more. This course is designed to teach you how to be the best net-communicator you can be.
    • ENGL 2163 Studies in Literature – In this course, the topic varies ranging from Comic Books to The Image of The African American in Literature. Depending upon the topic, this can be a course of wide-ranging appeal.
    • ENGL 4033 (or 4043 or 4053) Studies in African-American Literature – Three different courses, ranging from an introduction in 4033, to prose in 4043 and drama and poetry in 4053, these courses give you the opportunity to explore the development, social insights, cultural values, and importance of this genre of literature. Take the time to learn about your heritage.
    • ENGL 3600 Symbology – This course is designed to teach you how to begin to be able to decipher the world of symbols which exist all around you. From the symbols huge corporations use to try to change our behavior, to the symbols that significant other uses to try to subtly change our behavior, we live in a sea of symbols. This course will look at what symbols are, their history, how they are used against us, how to decipher them, and how to use them in many different vocations.

    Many of our courses are offered online. From our core courses to much of the Technical Writing B.A. degree, if you desire, you can take these courses from the comfort of your own living room (assuming that you have a computer in you living room, of course). For more information, contact Ms. Sharpe at 825-6392.

  • In addition to a dynamic curriculum which includes the opportunity to study overseas, practice, and internships, our students have the opportunity to round out their academic lives through participation in extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

    • The English Club
    • The Creative Writing Club
    • The Language Club
    • Alpha Mu Gamma (foreign language honor society)
    • Student publications such as “The Englishear”
1005 State University Drive • Fort Valley, GA 31030 • 478-827-FVSU

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