Continuing Education

Fall 2014 Continuing Education Courses

What are your interests? Are you ready to jump start your career? Let FVSU help you create your now. Fort Valley State University will help lifelong learners, and working adults enhance their skills, seek improvement and knowledge in several areas of interest. We are committed to providing courses and programs that support your varied learning goals, professionally and personally. With partners Education To Go and Gatlin Education, FVSU has added over 350 online courses offered every month. Courses range from personal enrichment to full career-path certifications. For online courses, visit for personal enlightenment and professional classes and for certification preparation courses.

Continuing education is a critical element of the community. It helps to foster learning and growth. Our top quality programs are aligned to industry and occupational trends and have been designed to help you develop your newfound interests.

To learn more about our Continuing Education program, please contact Malika Moore, (478) 953-0580 or The FVSU Warner Robins Campus will also facilitate workshops for your club, association or professional organization! To find out how to make this happen, please contact Ms. Tammie Rivera-White, (478) 953-7423 or

What is a continuing education unit? A CEU is a nationally accepted unit of credit for continuing education. Individuals will receive 1 CEU for each ten hours completed. FVSU maintains a record of the CEUs earned. A Certificate of Completion will be issued at the end of each course.

Business and Professional

Grant Writing Workshops (Monthly enrollment)
This workshop is designed to teach and/or enhance the Grant Writing/Proposal Development skills of school personnel, nonprofits, faith/community based organizations, higher education faculty and staff using common grant development formats. Participants will be provided a beginning framework for the major components of a grant, purpose and eligibility requirements for receiving grants, and potential local, state and national funding sources. This is a 3 hour workshop.
Instructor: Dollie Horton
1st Monday of each month beginning October 6
Location: FVSU campus (Hunt Memorial Library); Warner Robins Campus upon demand.
Call for more information
Fee: $199 Materials included

Basic Addiction Counselor Skills Training
This 51-hour certification series trains you to help people who are addicted to a variety or destructive substances or lifestyles, and prepares you for the exam. Participants will be attending numerous classes with content ranging from stages of addiction, relapse prevention, pharmacology, professional growth issues, test taking tips, co-occurring disorders, and theoretical approaches utilized in the addictions arena. Certified addiction specialists may work with individuals, families or groups who face behavior problems and patterns associated with addiction. Full certification is 96 course hours plus supervision and client face-time, done separately. GACA approved for certification/recertification.

Fall Courses:
Functions of a Counselor I
Functions of a Counselor II
Screening Processes and Instruments
Abuse and Addiction
Pharmacology I
Process of Addictions and Treatment
Co-occurring Disorders
Motivational Interviewing I
Motivational Interviewing II
Pharmacology II
Pharmacology III
Cultural Diversity I
Cultural Diversity II
Theory I
Theory II
Group I
Group II
Instructor: Omar Taveras, MS, LMFT, NCACII, CACII, CCS, CAMS
Tuesdays & Wednesdays, beginning September 23 6 p.m. -9 p.m.
Fee: $750, entire semester of workshops or $50 per class. Sign up for all courses and receive a discount!! Textbooks required: (1)“Uppers, Downers, All Arounders: Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs” by Inaba, William E. Cohen, and (2) “Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy” by Gerald Corey.

Drug and Alcohol Intervention and Education
This course is for people of all ages including students, professionals, instructors, and concerned church & family members. A primary goal of this course is prevention of any type of substance abuse to avoid health problems associated with alcoholism and impaired judgment resulting in legal issues. The course is designed to effectively interrupt the progression of alcohol and drug use, and to provide insight to help people understand and accept the need for change. This is an 8 hour course. New course session is offered every 2 weeks!
Instructor: Dollie Horton
Call for more information
Location: FVSU Campus (Hunt Memorial Library); Warner Robins campus upon demand.
Fee: $195 Materials included

Marketing Your Business on the Internet Register online at
E-commerce expert helps you develop an Internet marketing plan for your business.

Accounting Fundamentals Register online at
Gain a marketable new skill by learning the basics of double-entry bookkeeping, financial reporting, and more.

Creating a Successful Business Plan Register online at
Turn your business ideas into a solid plan for financing and long-term success.

Building Teams that Work Register online at
Learn the secrets of dynamic team building.

Fundamentals of Supervision and Management I and II Register online at
Learn the people skills required to motivate and delegate, and learn tools for solving problems and resolving conflicts. Learn how to be an effective manager or supervisor. Master the basics of communicating effectively, and learn tools for developing your own interpersonal skills.

Keys to Effective Communication Register online at
Lost for words? Don't be! Learn to build rapport, trust, warmth, and respect through conversation.

Leadership Register online at
Gain the respect and admiration of others, exert more control over your destiny, and enjoy success in your professional and personal life.

Mastery of Business Fundamentals Register online at
Acquire practical experience in strategic planning, management, and finance without enrolling in an MBA program.

Professional Counselor Series

Ethics of Counseling: Christianity
An examination of the inclusion of spirituality in counseling sessions. This session will provide an examination of Christianity, impact on clients, and diagnosis. Included in this session will be a dialogue as to the issues or concerns of practitioners.
September 25, 2014 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

What about Bob? Applying the Ethical Principals.
This fun session on ethics will utilize movie scenes to explore various ethical dilemmas and violations. The practitioner will explore the application of counseling standards, the ethical principles, and ethical decision making.
October 23, 2014 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Counseling Skills and Techniques 101
This course is a must take course for those who are recent graduates or have not used their skills and techniques in a while. Practitioners will gain knowledge and application of the counseling skills at the various stages of counseling and will examine the use of various techniques associated with the counseling theories.
November 13, 2014 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Clinical Supervision: Discrimination Model
The provision of supervision does not have to be challenging or everything you need to know about supervision approach. The discrimination model is an antithetical approach to counseling best used when the supervisor and the supervisee use different counseling theories. This session will include supervision formats such as live supervision, self-report, and bug in the ear (bite).
December 18, 2014 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Documentation and Session Notes for the Practitioner
This session will provide a look at three approaches to writing session notes and discuss the role and importance of record keeping. Attendees will look at some major components that help prepare strong notes and notes that support treatment plans.
October 17, 2014 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Instructors: Teah Moore, PhD, LPC
Bridget Holyfield-Moss, LPC
Call for more information
Fee: $55 per class

Computer and Technology

Social Networking: How to Make Money Using Social Media
Participants will learn about the different strategies involved in using social media to supplement their income. This includes using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to their maximum potential.
Instructor: Paul Small
Call for more information
Fee: $99, bring a flash drive

Creating Your Own Website
Students will learn basic and inexpensive techniques on how to develop a website. Several different approaches will be utilized during the course.
Instructor: Paul Small
Call for more information
Fee: $125, bring a flash drive

Computer Skills Register online at
This course is designed to provide the fundamental computer competencies you need to survive and prosper in today's fast-changing workplace. You will learn how to navigate modern office software to work faster and more efficiently. We'll focus on practical application for software most common to the workplace. When you finish this course, you will have learned why employers consider technological literacy so critical to the success of any organization.


Essential French for Beginners
This 6 week course will develop learners' ability to use French as second language through four language skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. It includes an introduction to the cultural background of France and French speaking countries. Achieve the communication skills needed to explore the Francophone worlds. A beginner’s level course on the basic structures of the language, i.e. basic vocabulary, basic grammar, and basic sentence structure. Intermediate class follows.
Instructor: Dr. Adam Fofana
Call for more information
Fee: $99, Materials included

Intensive Introductory Spanish
An intensive course designed for beginning students. It will be an introduction to the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures, with emphasis on the development of the basic communicative skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing), grammatical structures, and cultural competence. Requires active participation in instructor-coordinated multimedia and online activities as a mandatory component.
Instructor: Ashani Neville
Monday and Wednesday, beginning October 6th at 6 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.
Fee: $125, materials included

Modern Standard Arabic for Beginners
This 6 week course is designed to develop learners' ability to use modern standard Arabic as a second language through four language skills: Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening. You will be able to navigate the Arab world and acquire the day to day communication skills with various groups of people including: government officials, business operators, military personnel, and Arabic speaking people around the world. A beginner’s level course on the basic structures of the Arabic, i.e. sound and writing systems of Arabic, basic grammar, basic vocabulary, basic sentence structure in Arabic.
Instructor: Dr. Adam Fofana
Call for more information
Fee: $99 Materials included

Academic/Test Prep

A 2-week program that offers adult students opportunities to enter college without the delay and stigma of remedial classes by providing testing strategies, detailed analysis of skills and competencies, strategies for studying, financial management, career planning guidance, and prior learning assessment to new students. Enrollees will receive specific coaching and preparation for the COMPASS exam in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics with specialized online instruction through MyFoundationsLab. This program will also provide academic support, career instruction peer mentoring, tracking and monitoring. Scholarships available this Fall.
Call for more information
Administrative fee (non-refundable): $35, materials provided

GRE Preparation - Part 1 & 2 (Verbal and Analytical/ Quantitative) Register online at
If you're planning to apply to graduate school, you'll likely have to take the GRE.
Part I takes you through all the question types on the verbal reasoning and analytical writing sections, including reading comprehension, text completion, sentence equivalence questions, and both essay tasks. You'll also gain pointers on time management, anxiety relief, scoring, and general standardized test-taking. Be prepared to excel on exam day to achieve your best potential score!
Part 2 features a math review and techniques for tackling the quantitative comparison, data interpretation, and standard math questions that make up the quantitative reasoning sections, as well as how to tackle the GRE's unique new question formats. You'll find pointers on time management, anxiety relief, scoring, and general standardized test-taking, too. Be prepared to excel on exam day and to achieve your best potential score!

SAT/ACT Preparation - Part 1 Register online at
So, you’ve decided you’re going to college. Now you just need to take the entrance exams! This course will prepare you to take the verbal question types on both the ACT and the new SAT 2005. SAT/ACT Preparation Part I is designed to prepare you for the reading, English, and science sections of the ACT and the critical reading and writing sections of the new SAT 2005. You'll refresh your knowledge of verbal topics and learn techniques that can help you relieve test-taking anxiety.

GMAT Preparation Register online at
Applying to graduate business and management schools usually means taking the GMAT. Taking this course will provide you with test-taking techniques and methods for improving your score and saving time on all GMAT question types.

GED Preparation- Math, Language Arts and Writing Register online at
If you want to obtain employment or advance in your career, you will need to demonstrate to your employer that you have at least a high school education. If you never finished high school, the GED® test will serve as proof that you have acquired the equivalent of a high school education on your own. This course will help you develop the additional reading and thinking skills you'll need to succeed in all five GED® test areas: Writing Skills, Social Studies, Science, Literature, and Math. After completion of this course, you should be well-equipped to take—and pass—the GED® test.

Personal Enrichment

Ballroom Dancing
Come join KHICKS for a contemporary style of ballroom dancing which originated out of Detroit, Michigan. The class will combine the Cha Cha, Salsa, and Waltz into one dance that can be performed to R&B or any of today’s music.
Instructor: Ken Hicks
Tuesdays, beginning September 16 1 p m – 2 p.m.
Fridays, beginning September 19 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Fee per session: $10

Basic House Wiring
This course provides students a practical, real-world education in basic electricity. Participants will have a working knowledge of how electricity works throughout their home. This course teaches you how to install light fixtures, ceiling fans, measure electricity, replace switches and receptacles, read residential blueprints, and much more.
Instructor: Richard Miller
Thursdays, beginning October 2 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Fee: $150

Gardening for Food and Fun: Vegetables and Ornamentals
Wish you had a garden? Want your own fresh vegetables? Herbs? Flowers and Shrubs? Then join our 6-week fun-filled interactive class. You will learn the basics of growing plants from seeds and cuttings. We will cover site selection, soil preparation and even, “How to Build a Raised Bed,” with each class adapted to your interests. We’ll go into as much detail as you want. You will leave with a notebook, plants and seeds, practical experience, and hopefully, a smile.
Instructor: Vicki Owen
Tuesdays, beginning September 30 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Fee: $109, Materials not included

Creative Writing Workshop (Monthly Enrollment)
Whether you've been writing for years or you wrote your first poem yesterday, this class will explore poetry as a whole, however, the focus will be on “Sound” and how it can enhance poetry. Participants will be given the opportunity to read (and have someone read) their work in class to hear the sound of their own work, hear how someone else reads their work and better understand how sound can change the dynamics of their work as they continue to write. Each week we will discuss a poetic craft and read contemporary poets to get a better understanding of our personal writing style
Instructor: Siarra Turner
Call for more information
Fee: $125, bring a laptop


Visit AND

Fort Valley State University is proud to partner with our online training provider, CENGAGE (Ed2Go and Gatlin).
We offer online professional development classes in the following categories: Healthcare and Fitness, Business and Professional, IT and Software Development, Management and Corporate, Media and Design, Hospitality and Gaming, Skilled Trades and Industrial, Law and Legal, College Readiness, and Teaching and Education

Course Features through ED2GO
Instructor –Facilitated.
Online Discussion.
24-hour Access.
6 weeks of Instruction (10 day grace period at the end).
Informative, fun, fast, convenient and highly interactive.
Project-oriented: include lessons, quizzes, hands-on assignments,
discussion areas, supplementary links and more.

Accounting Fundamentals
Medical Terminology: A Word Association Approval
Introduction to SQL
Project Management Fundamentals
Effective Business Writing
Real Estate Investing
And many more…


Career Training Program Features through Gatlin Education:
Comprehensive, affordable, self-paced Career Training Program.
One-On-One Instructor Assistance
All Materials and Books are included
24-hour Access
Receive certificate upon successful completion
Courses start at any time – begin when you wish
A typical program takes 3-6 months to complete; extensions

Medical Billing and Coding + Medical Terminology
AutoCAD 2011 With AutoCAD 3D
Cisco® CCNA® Certification Training
CompTIA™ A+, Network+ and Security+ Certification Training
Pharmacy Technician
Certified Personal Trainer
Clinical Dental Assistant
And many more…


Financial Assistance:

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