Degree Requirements

The baccalaureate degree program consists of a minimum of 125 semester hours of study. The Core Curriculum constitutes 60 of these required hours. The remaining requirements are a minimum 30 semester hours for the major concentration. Institutional requirements constitute five (5) semester hours. Consistent with the University’s mission, students are expected to demonstrate specific competencies upon graduation. These expectations are described as General Education Outcomes and as Outcomes for the Major.

Statements of General Education Outcomes: These performance standards form the basis of instruction for all course offerings at the University, but particularly the Core Curriculum. More than one course in an area of the Core addresses the same general education outcomes. However, not all outcomes are equally present in Core offerings; some are embedded in courses within the major degree offerings or in learning support courses. The seven general education outcomes statements are:

Graduates will write clearly and speak effectively, read analytically, and comprehend critically. Technology will be used appropriately.

Critical Thinking
Graduates will display quantitative competency, be capable of differentiating facts from opinions, think logically and critically, and show imagination and creativity in their scholarly endeavors and work efforts.

Problem Solving
Graduates will interpret and communicate quantitative data, solve routine and non-routine problems, recognize logical inconsistencies, and engage in applied research in diverse disciplines.

Graduates shall demonstrate leadership in the community, engage in volunteerism and provide technical assistance to communities as appropriate.

Cultural Diversity and Values
Graduates shall critically evaluate their own culture and that of others, understand the changing world of men and women and be knowledgeable of other languages.

Responsible Citizenship
Graduates shall understand the individual’s role in and responsibilities to society, understand and use organizational structure and processes, examine the forces shaping and altering society, and be globally aware and knowledgeable of ethical issues.

Basic Knowledge
Graduates shall acquire basic content knowledge of literature, the fine arts, mathematics, the sciences, history, economics and sociology among other fields of study.

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