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Fort Valley State University will embark on the next phase of the USG Centralization initiative starting on March 19, 2012. All employees and retirees should begin contacting The University System of Georgia Shared Services Center (SSC) for questions about Payroll or Benefits. Our team will continue to handle services that require a “personalized” touch, such as new hire orientation, HR/Benefits counseling, retirement counseling and emergency situations. The attached document provides the types of issues the SSC staff are prepared to resolve. As we transition to this new support model, our benefits, payroll and human resources team will be fully engaged with the SSC to monitor, diagnose, transfer knowledge on Fort Valley State University specific issues and to discuss ways for continuous improvement. Please do not hesitate to share your feedback with us regarding your SSC experience.

University System of Georgia Shared Services Center

Common Issues Addressed by the University System of Georgia Shared Services Center

ADP Portal Questions

  • Portal Navigation
  • Password Resets/User ID Inquiry
  • Portal Registration
  • Personal Information Changes

Paycheck Questions

  • Missing Check
  • Direct Deposit
  • Incorrect Pay/Hours
  • Pay Statement Inquiries

Direct Deposit Questions

  • Options for Direct Deposit
  • Direct Deposit Set Up
  • Direct Deposit Changes

Benefits Setup & Changes

  • Beneficiary Information
  • Dependent Information
  • System Navigation
  • Life Change Inquiries
  • Divorce, Marriage, Birth of Child, etc.
  • Level of Coverage Inquiries
  • E.G. What level of medical coverage do I currently have?

eTime Questions

  • Adding the Service
  • Entering Time
  • Approving Time
  • Requesting Time Off
  • Manager Missing Employees
  • General Time Card Inquiries

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