Banks-Pierro-Rutland-Bellamy Luncheon

35th Annual Banks-Pierro-Rutland-Bellamy Luncheon

C.W. Pettigrew Center 12-2 p.m.

Discussion and Student Research

Tickets: $25


Longtime supporters of the Department of History, Geography, Political Science and Criminal Justice will network with faculty, high-achieving students, and other alumni at the “BPRB Luncheon,” and honor alumni who majored in one of the social or behavioral sciences. The division will present scholarships to the most successful students. Scholarships are funded with money raised by ticket sales and donations to the luncheon.

Tickets will be available on March 15 through April 10. 

The chairmen of the 2015 BPRB are professors Fred van Hartesveldt, Dawn Herd-Clark and Komanduri Murty.


Contact Valeria Bass, • (478) 825-6230