Children visit FVSU for Kiddie Field Day

May 1, 2013Disneyworld, Six Flags and the Georgia State National Fair are names synonymous with fun and frolic. Another location can be added to that list; The Agricultural Technology Conference Center at Fort Valley State University.
Approximately 190 local children got a chance to take part in physical activity as well as learn about agriculture at the 4-H Kiddie Field Day at the ATCC April 26.

“This activity allows for the community to get exposed to the college,” says WoodieHughes, interim 4-H program leader for the FVSU Cooperative Extension program.

Hughes elaborated on how the event is associated with 4-H. He said the activities at the event cover

4-H’s mandated areas which are science, healthy living and citizenship. Hughes said that by looking at the farm animals the children are learning about science, and that playing on the inflatable structures in an orderly fashion exposed them to healthy living and good citizenship.
Dan Dixon, an event coordinator at the ATCC and organizer of the event, says his inspiration in developing the event is to get children more physically active. He said that with the advent of video games, children’s outdoor activity is limited. “I think children need to get outdoors more,” Dixon said. “It gives them a chance to get out and get some exercise.”
Dixon also said the field day activities provide a way to inform children about where food comes from. “They take rides on the farm and that lets them know that their food is grown on a farm and that everything they eat does not come from a grocery store.”
Veronica K. Pittman, owner of Pittman’s Prekindergarten in Fort Valley, is pleased about the Kiddie Field Day activity. “It’s a good experience. It’s a good way to learn about (farm) animals and the community,” Pittman said.  She said she would recommend any day care facility to come and enjoy the field day activities. “It was well planned and a wonderful experience,” Pittman said.
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