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Personal Safety App Circle of 6
Free App for Android and IOS


Circle of 6 is an iPhone app for college-aged students and their friends to stay close, stay safe, and prevent violence before it happens.

We believe that staying connected to a small group of people is critical to keeping you and your friends informed and safe. Circle of 6 is a mobile app that makes it quick and easy to reach your circle and let them know where you are, and what you need. It’s a fast, easy-to-use and secure way to look out for each other.

The design is simple. It takes two touches to get help, so no fumbling or digging around for the right number. We use icons to represent actions, so that no one can tell what you’re up to if they see your phone. The design ensures safety, speed and privacy. GPS is integrated (using Google maps), and is only activated by you, and sent to your own Circle of 6.

Publicly we ask that everyone take the pledge to stop violence before it happens. This via a Facebook page to engage large numbers of young adults 18-24 in advocating for safer campuses and relationships without violence. Privately, we ask that you look out for each other by downloading the Circle of 6 app and supporting your friends.

The app is a proto-prototype, currently working on iPhones. In the next iteration, we will expand programming to work on multiple devices and operating systems (Droids, Blackberries, etc), and will conduct usability testing.

The gallery of images is a storyboard of how the app works. Each user downloads the app and adds 5 contacts from their address book, creating a Circle of 6 supporters. There are 3 situations where SMS notifications are sent to your circle of 6, and one emergency where the Love is Respect and RAINN  hotlines can be called automatically.

1. Car icon: Come and get me. SMS message reads, “Come and get me. I need help getting home safely. My GPS coordinates are…”

2. Phone icon: Call me. SMS message reads, “Call and pretend you need me. I need an interruption.”

3. Chat icon: I need some advice. SMS message reads, “I’m looking for information, just letting you know.” [This will link the user with risk-assessment tools and information about healthy vs. abusive relationships developed by content partners, including ISIS, The Line Campaign, RAINN, California Coalition against Sexual Assault]