Dreaming and Doing Marketing Campaign


The new Fort Valley State University campaigns centers around the best of us and promotes an inspirational centralized theme of “Dreaming and Doing.”

The campaign focuses on active examples of the amazing things occurring with our students, faculty and staffers and alumni. It is an organic campaign that draws you in by sharing something worthwhile and engaging, then shares the detail that at the root of the amazing is Fort Valley State.

The campaign uses real faces, real achievements, real accomplishments.

Some of the first faces proposed for the campaign include the Fort Valley State Lady Wildcats basketball team, FVSU esteemed alumni, successful business leaders and FVSU professors, scholars and scientists.



Putting Up High Scores On and Off the Court

Whether it’s in their classes or on the basketball court, the FVSU Lady Wildcats are putting up high scores. Illustrating the true concept of scholar athletes, these group of brainy ballers are demonstrating how Fort Valley State University continues to nurture the student even when athletics are included in the fray.

The team was recently name the 2014 SIAC Women’s Basketball Team All-Academic Champions because they lead the conference in the overall average grade point average. For details, click here.

Fort Valley Today. Outstanding Business Leaders Tomorrow

At Fort Valley State, we pride ourselves on offering a high-quality education that invites our students to be bold, be amazing and be prepared. Nothing illustrates that more than when our bold, amazing and prepared graduates leave the FVSU and make their mark on the world in a major way. At Fort Valley State, we boast within our ranks of alums not only educators, veterinarians, teachers and engineers. We also have super achievers like Thomas Dortch, Dr. Traci McKenzie-Jackson and Calvin Smyre within our ranks.

Smyre, in particular, is a 1970 graduate who went on to serve in the legislature for four decades as a state representative. In addition, the public servant is the executive vice president of corporate affairs for Synovus Financial Corporation. For additional information on Calvin Smyre, click here.

Award-winning Scientist Training Award-winning Students

There are just some things worth repeatedly sharing and at Fort Valley State, we have a worthwhile tradition of sharing a legacy of excellence in research with our student scholars. One such example is FVSU professor, scientist and Fulbright scholar Dr. George Mbata. This world-renowned entomologist is leading the charge on research related to protecting the food resources of the future. In particular, Mbata ’s research is focused on protecting harvested crops from damage and losses from insects as well as improving methods or “best practices” for delivering crops to market. At Fort Valley State, this impressive thinker is engaged in training the next generation of great thinkers, including FVSU student researcher Joseph Nesbit. The senior agricultural education major received the first place poster award in Ecology, Environment and Earth Sciences at the Emerging Researchers National Conference in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Click to learn more about Dr. Mbata and FVSU student scholars.

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