Early Childhood/Special Education

The Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood/Special Education prepares teachers to provide quality educational services throughout the nation. The standards-based curriculum provides content knowledge and develops pedagogical skills that will ensure candidates meet the demands of teaching and learning in diverse settings. Candidates earn dual certification in both early childhood and special education.

Teachers with certification in both early childhood and special education meet a critical need in the education field. Skills for differentiation, response to intervention and research-based practices ensure effective planning and implementation of curriculum and programs for students in grades p-5.

Candidates have opportunities to participate in a field-based program that allows them to observe and work with professionals in real situations. Individuals can gain other professional experience by participating in a professional organization such as the Georgia Association of Educators Student Program. This organization provides workshops to help candidates prepare for the GACE Assessments. Membership included access to workshops on professionalism, classroom management, teaching strategies and time management. Candidates also have the opportunity to become members of a professional honorary education organization: Kappa Delta Epsilon. This fraternity emphasizes professional growth along with service activities.


  • EDUC 2110 Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education
  • EDUC 2120 Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Diversity
  • EDUC 2130 Exploring Teaching and Learning
  • EDUC 2110P Pre-Professional Block Practicum
  • EDUC 2503 Exceptionalities and Instruction
  • READ 3820 Expanding Literacy Across the Content Areas
  • SPAN 1002 Elementary Spanish II
  • EDUC 2000 GACE Preparation
  • ECSP 3000 Exploration of Learning through the Creative Arts
  • ECSP 4020 Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading and Writing
  • ECSP 3020 Effective Reading and Writing Methods and Materials
  • ECSP 4010 Program Planning and Assessment
  • MATH 3100 Discrete Math and Statistics
  • MATH 3400 Geometry for Teachers
  • MATH 3510 Algebraic Concepts
  • ECSP 3131 Nature & Curriculum Needs of the Early Childhood/Special Education Learner
  • ECSP 3132 Classroom Management Strategies
  • ECSP 3332 Methods of Teaching Language Arts/ Reading
  • ECSP 3432 Methods of Teaching Social Studies
  • ECSP 3731 Early Childhood/Special Education Practicum
  • ECSP 3232 Methods of Teaching Science
  • ECSP 3532 Methods of Teaching Math
  • ECSP 3732 Early Childhood/Special Education Practicum II
  • ECSP 4895 Directed Teaching/Seminar

Program Coordinator

Mrs. Davine Watson
Phone: (478) 825-6859, 825-6365
FAX: (478) 825-6162
Email: watsond@fvsu.edu

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