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If you’re a recent graduate, busy professionals or someone who’s decided to transfer or go back to school, Fort Valley State University offers affordable tuition, quality academics and a competitive yet fun environment that’s just right for you. Applying to FVSU is just a click away. If you wish to enroll this fall, classes begin August 14.

You may apply online or you may visit FVSU Office of Recruitment and Admissions in Carnegie Hall.  Registration for current undergraduate and graduate level students is required prior to the start of the next semester. Click HERE to see our list of available courses.

Undergraduate Enrollment

Undergraduate enrollment is underway. After being admitted, first-time undergraduate students, transfer students, and students returning after one or more terms of absence should make an advising appointment with their college academic advising office.

Campus housing and meal plans are available for undergraduate students registered for Summer Sessions! Check out Wildcat Central to find out more.




(478) 825-6320

Advisement Center

Jocelyn Neal, Lottie M. Lyons Building, Suite 207, nealj@fvsu.edu, (478) 822-1315

Advisement in Your Academic Department

Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Education, Agricultural Engineering Technology, Animal Science, & Plant Science – O’Sheta Harris, Alva Tabor Bldg., Room 122,  harriso@fvsu.edu, (478) 825-6262

Electronic Engineering Technology – Terri Hatcher, Alva Tabor Building, Room 20,  hatchert@fvsu.edu, (478) 825-6264

Family & Consumer Science – Torri Perry, Myers Hall (Main Office), perryt@fvsu.edu, (478) 825-6234

Veterinary Technology – Manerva Daniels, O’Neal Building, Room 122, danielsm@fvsu.edu, (478) 825-6424


(478) 825-6472

Biology & Chemistry – Ala’Tonrya Cranford, Peabody Building, Room 228, cranforda@fvsu.edu, (478) 822-7008

Accounting, Management, Marketing, Supply Chain & Logistics Management – Joyce Brown, Peabody Building, Room 125, brownj01@fvsu.edu, (478) 822-1072

Visual & Performing Arts & Media Studies, Criminal Justice, Political Science, History, & Organizational Leadership  Kareem Kenney, Lottie M. Lyons Building, Suite 207, kenneyk01@fvsu.edu, (478) 822-1317

Psychology, Social Work, Computer Science, & Mathematics – Kenneth Brown, Peabody Building, Room 208, brownk@fvsu.edu, (478) 822-7007

Liberal Studies – Jocelyn Neal, Lottie M. Lyons Building, Suite 207, nealj@fvsu.edu, (478) 822-1315

Biology Wanda Bembry, Academic Classroom and Laboratory (ACL) Building, Room 118, bembryw@fvsu.edu, (478) 825-6240

Business & Economics – Felicia Sharpe, Bywaters Building, Room 207, sharpef@fvsu.edu, (478) 825-6270

Chemistry – Wanda Bembry, ACL Building, Room 211, bembryw@fvsu.edu, (478) 825-6240

Behavioral Sciences (PSY, SOC WRK & SOCI) – Cheri Troutman, Horace Mann Bond Building, Room 135, troutmanc@fvsu.edu, (478) 825-6232

Social Sciences (CRJ, HIST, POL SCI)  Valerie Bass, Horace Mann Bond Building, Room 139, bassv@fvsu.edu, (478)  825-6230

English & Foreign Languages – Felicia Sharpe, Miller Hall, Room 235, sharpef@fvsu.edu, (478) 825-6392

Languages & Liberal Studies – Felicia Sharpe, Miller Hall, Room 218, sharpef@fvsu.edu, (478) 825-6392

Visual & Performing Arts & Media Studies – Brigitte Hall, Founders Hall, Room 105, hallb@fvsu.edu, (478) 825-6383

Mathematics, Comp Sci & CIS – Mary Pollard, Blanchet Computer Technology & Mathematics Building, Room 315, pollardm@fvsu.edu, (478) 825-6430

Military Science – Cheryl J. McNeil-Jordan, Gano Building, Room 101, jordanc01@fvsu.edu, (478) 825-6340


(478) 825-6365

Advisement Center

Jocelyn Neal, Lottie M. Lyons Building, Suite 207, nealj@fvsu.edu, (478) 822-1315

Middle Grades Education & Early Childhood Ed/Special Education – Dr. Alfreda Manson, Hubbard Education Building, Rooms 209, mansona@fvsu.edu, (478) 825-6192

Health & Physical Education – Dr. Gregory Green, Health & Physical Education Complex, greeng@fvsu.edu, (478) 825-6613


Advisement Center

Jocelyn Neal, Lottie M. Lyons Building, Suite 207, nealj@fvsu.edu, (478) 822-1315


Must secure a registration pass in Miller Hall, Room 107

Rosie Petties:


(478) 825-6640

Graduate Studies:

Once admitted, graduate students may enroll in classes online through MyFVSU.  Students must also know their student identification number and personal identification number (PIN). If you experience difficulty self-enrolling through this system, contact the Office of Graduate Studies, located at the FVSU Warner Robins Center (151 Osigian Blvd. Warner Robins, GA 31088) or call 478-825-6338. The application deadline for a Fall 2017 graduate degree is July 1. Graduate students may secure their materials from their graduate academic advisor.

Distance (Online) Students:
Students enrolled in one of the five fully online undergraduate degree programs: Criminal Justice, English, Organizational Leadership, Political Science and Psychology or enrolled in the fully online graduate degree program in Rehabilitation Counseling (Case Management).

Distance Education Advisement: Fully Online Students may contact their academic advisors for their respective department for assistance.

Criminal Justice
Organizational Leadership
Political Science
Rehabilitation Counseling
Rehabilitation Counseling

Dr. Julius Trimble
Dr. Berlethia Pitts
Kareem Kenney
Dr. Meigan Fields
Dr. Jerry Haywood
Dr. James Newton
Dr. Tamara Payne

(478) 825-1950 or (478) 825-6230
(478) 825-6380
(478) 822-1317
(240) 343-5378 or (478) 825-6230
(478) 827-3243 or (478) 825-6232
(478) 825-6942
(478) 825-7957

High School Students:

Current high school students can experience college now! Enroll in Summer Sessions and gain credits toward your undergraduate degree. No matter what university you end up attending, you can prepare at FVSU. Best of all, with our flexible summer schedule, you can earn credits while still keeping your summer job or travel plans.

Transients or Guests visiting for the Summer:
Credits are transferable to most colleges and universities around the world. Fort Valley State University offers a variety of upper-division courses. We even offer online courses. If you’re a student at another college or university and you’d like to take FVSU classes this summer, register now!

Senior Citizens:
Are you at least sixty years old and someone who loves to learn for learning’s sake? If so, and you aren’t interested in earning college credit, FVSU’s Seniors Program could be just the thing for you.

You may register for most courses offered during Summer Session. No transcript, grade record, or proof of your attendance in the class is kept.

To register, contact the Academic Advisement Center, (478) 822-1315.

Important Links:

Late Registration and Fee Payment Deadline:

(Course Schedules will be dropped due to non-payment of fees)

Fall 2017: August 14, 2017

Bills for Fall 2017 are available online at http://www.fvsu.edu/cashiers-office.

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