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Cooperative Extension Program

Welcome to the Fort Valley State University Cooperative Extension Program. Our mission is to help individuals throughout the state of Georgia improve their lives through outreach and community-based educational opportunities.

Students and Instructors at Plains Farm DayThis initiative gives our residents access to research-based educational resources and the information provided to specialists, county agents and program assistants.

Across the state every day, county agents and program assistants bridge the gap between our clients in rural and urban areas to address the critical issues facing society.

Our direct link to the people we serve means educating the public through meetings, workshops, field days, newsletters, publications, videotapes, educational materials and one-on-one contact with individuals, families and the general public.

Here’s a list of the programs we offer.

In Family and Consumer Sciences, extension programs are designed in:

  • Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, Nutrition and Food Safety
  • Housing
  • 4-H and Youth Development
  • Family Life
  • Resource Management
  • Clothing and Textiles

In Agriculture and Natural Resources, extension programs include:

  • Animal Science
  • Plant and Soil Science
  • Aquaculture

Special extension programs that combine agriculture and consumer sciences:

  • Life on the Farm
  • SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program)
  • Mobile Information Technology Center

Whether it’s helping a farmer develop a workable business plan, instilling confidence and self-esteem in a group of teens or helping a family improve its resources; our motto is “Helping people help themselves.” This isn’t just what we say; this is what we do every day.

    • Gail R. Adams, CEA
      Peach County Extension Service
      Fort Valley, Georgia 31030
      Phone: 478-825-6466
    • Sabrena Johnson, CEPA
      Peach County Extension Service
      Fort Valley, Georgia 31030
      Phone: 478-825-6466
    • Titus Andrews, CEA
      Laurens County Extension Service
      Dublin, Georgia 31021
      Phone: 478-274-7701
    • Bobby Solomon, CEA
      Talbot County Extension Service
      Talbotton, Georgia 31827
      Phone: 706-665-3230
    • Jerald Larson, CEA
      Emanuel County Extension Service
      Swainsboro, Georgia 30401
      Phone: 478-237-1226
    • Leon Porter, CEPA
      Houston County Extension Service
      Perry, Georgia 31069
      Phone: 478-987-2028
    • Stefan Price, CEA
      Bulloch County Extension Service
      Statesboro, Georgia 30458
      Phone: 912-871-0505
    • Terralon Chaney, CEA
      Twiggs County Extension Service
      Jeffersonville, Georgia 31044
      Phone: 478-945-3391
    • Julia Snipes, CEA
      Sumter County Extension Service
      Americus, Georgia 31709
      Phone: 229-931-0301
    • Millicent Price, CEA
      Crawford County Extension Service
      Roberta, Georgia 31078
      Phone: 478-836-3121
    • Stinson Troutman, CEA
      Irwin County Extension Service
      Ocilla, Georgia 31774
      Phone: 229-468-7409
    • Ricky Waters, CEPA
      Macon County Extension Service
      Oglethorpe, Georgia 31068
      Phone: 478-472-7588
    • Calvin Willis, CEA
      Lowndes County Extension Service
      Valdosta, Georgia 31063-0639
      Phone: 229-333-5185
    • Ginger Chastine, CEA
      Hancock County Extension Service
      Sparta, Georgia 31087
      Phone: 706-444-6596
    • Brenda Trammell, CEA
      Marion County Extension Service
      Buena Vista, Georgia 31803
      Phone: 229-649-2625
    • Maureen Lucas
      FVSU Cooperative Extension Program
      Assistant Program Coordinator
      Fort Valley, Georgia 31030
      Phone: 478-825-6580
  • The 4-H and Youth Development Program is specifically designed to meet the needs and challenge the strengths of Georgia’s youths. The components of this program are 4-H Sprouts (6 to 10 years old), 4-H Sprouts Graduate (11 to 14 years old), and 4-H Sprouts Post-Graduate (15 to 18 years old). These program components focus on initiating success by empowering the minds of our youths to enable a higher level of thinking through leadership development, entrepreneurship, life skills, and science-based educational activities and programs for adolescents and teenagers.

    • 4-H Leadership Workshops
    • 4-H Entrepreneurship Workshops
    • 4-H Life Skills Workshops
    • 4-H Sprouts Leadership Club Meetings
    • 4-H Sprouts Graduate Leadership Club Meetings
    • 4-H Sprouts Post-Graduate Leadership Club Meetings
    • 4-H Sprouts Entrepreneurship Club Meetings
    • 4-H Sprouts Graduate Entrepreneurship Club Meetings
    • 4-H Sprouts Post-Graduate Entrepreneurship Club Meetings
    • 4-H Sprouts Science Club Meetings
    • 4-H Sprouts Graduate Science Club Meetings
    • 4-H Sprouts Post-Graduate Science Club Meetings
    • 4-H Sprouts Summer Camp
    • 4-H Entrepreneurship Camp
    • 4-H Sprouts Life Skills Club Meetings
    • 4-H Sprouts Graduate Life Skills Club Meetings
    • 4-H Sprouts Post-Graduate Life Skills Club Meetings

    The 4-H Life Skills Program Subject Areas are:


    • Positive Thinking
    • Envisioning Success
    • Making Positive Choices
    • Strategic Planning
    • How to Set Goals
    • Becoming Self-Disciplined
    • Becoming Optimistic
    • Developing the Positive Leader in You


    • Developing Positive Self-Esteem
    • Identifying Your Values
    • The Benefits of Charity
    • Helping Yourself and Others
    • The Benefits of Forgiving
    • Caring for Yourself and Others
    • Respecting Yourself and Others


    • Controlling Your Emotions
    • The Benefits of Abstinence
    • (Being Responsible for Your Health)
    • Managing Stress
    • Managing Anger
    • Managing Conflicts
    • Managing Our Environment


    • Entrepreneurship
    • Taking Initiative
    • Developing Potential
    • (Focusing on Our Similarities
    • Instead of Our Differences)
    • (Working Successfully with
    • Challenging Personalities)
    • (Communicating with Others Positively)

    Mr. Woodie Hughes Jr.
    Extension 4-H and Youth Development Specialist
    (478) 825-6219

  • In this program, Fort Valley State University and the Georgia Small Ruminant Research and Extension Center work collaboratively to provide extension education, services and research support for species such as new and expanding dairy goat, meat goat and sheep enterprises. Many of these animals are of special interest to small landowners, limited-resource producers or large-scale farmers who need to diversify.

    Activities include:

    • Youth livestock shows
    • Demonstrations and applied on-farm research opportunities
    • Advisory services in large and small livestock management, herd health and parasite control

    Contact: Dr. Will R. Getz, extension animal science specialist
    (478) 825-6955

    Dr. Seyedmehdi Mobini, extension veterinarian specialist
    (478) 825-6427

  • This extension program provides information, training, and diagnostic services to assist in the technology transfer of aquaculture research information and commercial aquaculture techniques to producers, potential farmers, recreational pond owners and the general public.

    Activities include:

    • Fish disease diagnosis
    • Aquatic weed management
    • Freshwater shrimp management
    • Water quality and fish health maintenance in aquaculture production systems

    Dr. Patricia Duncan, extension aquaculture specialist
    (478) 825-6575

  • This extension program is designed improve the decision making skills of limited resource families through consumer education programs implemented to help those families make wise consumer clothing/textiles decisions.

    Programs include:

    • Back-to-school clothing programs
    • Personal development workshops for individuals to help make the transition from unemployment to work
    • Clothing safety programs for parents, caregivers, farmers, etc.
    • Consumer textiles/clothing includes care, maintenance, etc.


    Vivian M. Fluellen, CFCS, extension clothing and textiles specialist
    (478) 825-6234

  • These extension programs promote safe and healthy nutrition practices among rural poor and low-income clientele and concerned others.

    Activities include:

    • EFNEP (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program)
    • Food safety program and training
    • Nutrition program and training
    • Health and wellness conference

    Dr. Carol Ann Johnson, interim associate dean for extension
    (478) 825-6296

  • This extension program strengthens family unity by helping parents and caregivers gain positive guidance and nurturing skills and techniques for developing self-reliant, caring and responsible children and adults.

    Activities include:

    • “Youth Taking Charge” program and training
    • Parent education program and training
    • “Basic Skills” program
    • “Senior Life”

    Kena Torbert, extension family life specialist
    (478) 825-6573

  • The Cooperative Extension Housing Program focuses on helping Georgians obtain and maintain safe, sanitary and affordable housing.

    Programming areas include:


    The Home Grown homebuyer education classes are designed to help consumers gain the knowledge they need to become successful homeowners. This includes ensuring that participants have an understanding of the home buying process, mortgages, financial management, how to prevent foreclosure and default, and knowing the professionals involved in the process. The program also includes a component on maintaining a safe, clean and healthy home environment. PASS

    Under One Roof

    The Under One Roof annual housing conference provides local government officials, public housing authority professionals, non-profit organizations and developers with the needed information to learn how to utilize various state and federal resources to make a difference in the state’s current housing conditions. Through a variety of well known speakers, exhibits and workshops, participants learn firsthand about financial and technical resources that are available to assist them.


    The H.E.L.P (Housing Education and Long-term Planning) workshops educate participants in the area of wills and estate planning. H.E.L.P provides training that encourages improved long-term planning choices, increased knowledge of wills and trusts and reduced occurrence of land/home loss due to estate recovery.


    The Securing Money Assets and Resources Through Training (SMARTT) Program is an educational program designed to meet the financial literacy needs of Georgians. The SMARTT Program offers specialized instruction to individuals on the application of money management skills and strategies. The program is designed to assist individuals establish healthy banking relationships, begin building assets and secure a better future for themselves and their families. The program curriculum includes;

    • Budgeting - financial decision-making, current spending patterns, developing a “realistic” budget, reasons for budgeting
    • Credit Repair - understanding your credit report and score, factors affecting credit score, re-establishing credit, forms of credit
    • Understanding loans-costs associated with loans, the interest rate affect, comparing loan offers
    • Debt reduction-making power payments, money actions plans, savings and investment, long and short-term goal setting


    Keishon Thomas, Housing Specialist
    9478) 825-6577

  • Farmers showing a chick to studentsThis live mobile exhibition provides firsthand knowledge of farm life and how it affects each person on a daily basis. The extension program is presented throughout the state at locations such as schools, public libraries, churches, arts and crafts shows, fairgrounds and other public meeting places.

    Christopher Sanders
    (478) 825-6067

    John Lindsey
    (478) 825-6068

  • The Mobile Information Technology Center helps organizations and communities meet the challenges of the information age. Housed in a 48-foot trailer, the unit is a high-tech classroom on wheels. Users gain hands-on experience with computer hardware and software systems that may be relevant to their individual or group needs. Participants also include church groups, school boards, displaced and national organizations.

    Terrence Wolfork, Coordinator of Information & Technology Services
    (478) 825-6053

  • This extension program aids the agricultural sector through assisting small and limited-resource farmers in managing waste in an environmentally sound manner, utilizing native forages and production by-products to the greatest extent possible and providing society with sustainable waste management options.

    Activities include:

    • Workshops and training in the use of native grasses
    • Small Farm Outreach, Training and Technical Assistance Program

    Dr. Mark Latimore Jr., extension plant and soil science specialist
    (478) 825-6883

  • This extension program provides accessible researched and practical consumer information through direct client information exchanges, the training of trainers and professional staff development. The program continuously evaluates and monitors educational activities for resource management stakeholders and identified communities and targeted populations in Georgia and the Southeast.

    Topics include:

    • Managing debt and building wealth
    • Practical money skills for life for youth and adults
    • Finding Paths to Prosperity with Individual Development
    • Fraud: Keep Your Resources Safe

    Vivian Fluellen, CFCS
    Interim Program Leader, Family and Consumer Sciences

  • This program promotes activities that address issues of sustainable agriculture of current and potential importance to the region and the nation. The Southern Region SARE program works closely with agricultural professionals to ensure farms in rural urban areas are more sustainable.

    Activities include:

    • Risk management success strategies for small and limited-resource farmers and ranchers
    • Practical tools and solutions for sustaining family farms
    • National conference for sustainable agriculture

    James Hill, Southern SARE 1890 liaison
    (478) 825-6263

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