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Abu-Joudeh, Mahmoud

Mathematics and Computer Science
216 CTM
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Position: Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics

Professional Experience:

2008-2009 University Preparatory Program UPP, Assistant Director, affiliated with Alfaisal University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Chief Academic Officer for start-up university Program
2002 –2008 Virginia Union University
Associate Professor of Physics and Mathematics, Richmond Virginia
Teaching different levels of physics & math major courses for undergraduate, advising students, writing proposals, and participating in many committees
2000-2002 United Arab Emirates University, Professional Development Officer.
Arranging workshops for all math & computer teachers based on the Curriculum and the faculty need (10-15 workshops per year).
2000- 2002 United Arab Emirates University, teaching GRE for TA students.
Teaching Mathematics (Basic Math, Algebra, Pre-calculus and Calculus) and Information Technology Courses at the University General Requirements unit (UGRU), United Arab Emirates University
1991 – Present Adjunct faculty in Math and Physics at
Virginia Commonwealth University, VA
John Tyler Community College, VA
Anne Arundele Community College
Teaching Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physical Science Math for Nurse, and Algebra; Teaching Calculus Based and Non-Calculus Based Physics and lab
1998-1999 Prince George County Public Schools
Teaching Pre-Calculus, Geometry, and Basic Math
1989-1998 Saint Paul’s College, VA, Professor of Physics and Math (Tenure). Teaching various courses: Developmental Math through Calculus and upper level courses too, College Physics, lab and Computer Science programming.
1990-Present Director of Projects funded by State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, and National Science Foundation NSF.
Exxon Mobil Innovation Planning Grant 2003-2004, funded by Exxon.
Summer Science and Math Institute
Teacher Teaching with technology Project
Science Discovery Project
Math and Technology Project
Multi-HBCU Calculus Project
Southside Virginia Academic Alliance of Mathematics
1984-1989 Assistant Professor of Physics, Al Najah National University and College of Science and Technology, Jerusalem, West Bank.
Teaching various physics courses for undergraduate major.
1982 - 1984 Research Assistantship, West Virginia University, West Virginia, USA.
1979-1982 Teaching Assistantship, Ohio University, Ohio, USA.
1975 – 1978 Middle School Teacher, Benghazi, Libya

Faculty Bio

1982 -1984 Ph.D. Solid State Physics (Surface Physics), West Virginia University,
West Virginia, USA
1978-1982 M.S. Math and Computer Science, Ohio University, Ohio, USA
1978 – 1981 M.S Physics, Ohio University, Ohio, USA
1971 - 1975 B.S. Physics and Mathematics, Jordan University, Jordan


“Discovering Functions Through Patterns”, M. Abu-Joudeh, Abstract, American Math Society, Baltimore, MD January 1998.
“ A Model for Waste Disposal in the Ocean”, M. Abu-Joudeh, Abstract, American Math Society, Baltimore, MD January 1998.
“ Is it Math or Art”, M. Abu-Joudeh, Abstract, Teachers Teaching with Technology 8th annual conference, FL. 1996.
“ Writing to Learn Mathematics”, M. Abu-Joudeh, Abstract , American Math Society, CA, January 1996.
“ Science Discovery”, M. Abu-Joudeh, Abstract, V-QUEST (Virginia Quality Education in Science & Technology, January 1995.
“ A New Approach to Teaching Calculus Using DERIVE”, M. Abu-Joudeh, Abstract, American Math Society, January 1995.
•7. “ Using Technology to Improve Students Learning in Math & Science”, M. Abu-Joudeh, Abstract, V-QUEST (Virginia Quality Education in Science & Technology, January 1995.
“ LEED Intensity Measurements of an Epitaxially Grown Cu on Ni (100)”, M. Abu-Joudeh, P. Vaishanava, P. Montano, J. Phys. C State Phys. 17 (1984) 689.
“ LEED and Electron Energy Loss Measurements of Iron Deposited on Ni (100)” Y. Lee, M. Abu-Joudeh, P. Montano, Surface Science 143, 13 (1984),
“ LEED, Auger and Electron Loss Study of Epatixially Crown Ni on Ci (100)”, M. Abu-Joudeh, B. Davis, P. Montano, Surface Science 171(1986) 331-348.

Research Interests: 

Surface Science Research involved computer calculations of dynamical scattering in LEED.
Curriculum Development.
Strategies to enhance teaching and learning math and science.

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