Fort Valley State University  

Brown , James E.

Plant Science
Room 135, Agricultural Research Building

Position: Professor of Horticulture

*Professional Experience: Professor of Horticulture;
Teaching and Extension (8/09 – Present), Fort Valley
State University, Fort Valley, GA.

*Professor/Vegetable Physiologist (1997-2009); Assistant
and Associate Professor of Horticulture, Teaching and
Research (1985-1997) Auburn University, AL

Faculty Bio

*B.S. Agronomy (1970), Fort Valley State University,
Fort Valley, Ga.

*M.S. Plant and Soil Science (1974), Tuskegee
University, Tuskegee, AL.

*Ph.D. Horticulture/Vegetable Crops (1983), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.


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Brown, J. E. and C. Channell-Butcher. 2001. Black plastic mulch and drip irrigation affect growth and performance of bell pepper. J. of Veg. Crop. Prod.

Boyhan, G. E. , J. E. Brown, C. Channell-butcher and V. K. Perdue. 2000. Evaluation of virus resistant squash and interaction with reflective and non-reflective mulches. HorTechnology 10:574-580.

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Brown, J. E., F. M. Woods, and C. Channell-Butcher. 1998. Effect of black plastic mulch and row cover on sweet potato production. J. Veg. Crop Prod. 4:49-54.

Motis, T. N., J. M. Kemble, J. M. Dangler, and J. E. Brown. 1998. Tomato fruit yield response to nitrogen source and percentage of drip or band-applied nitrogen associated with leaf potassium concentration. J. Plant Nutrition. 21:1103-1112.

Brown, J. E., R. P. Yates, C. Channell-Butcher and M. S. West. 1996. Planting method affects yield and earliness of summer squash. J. Veg. Crop Prod. 2:51-56.

Brown, J. E. R. P. Yates, C. Stevens, V. A. Khan, and J. B. Witt. 1996. Reflective mulches increase yields, reduce aphids and delay infection of mosaic viruses in summer squash. J. Veg. Crop. Prod. 2:55-60.

Brown, J. E., C.H. Gilliam, R. L. Shumack and D. W. Porch. 1993. Commercial snapbean response to fertilization with broiler litter. HortScience 28(1):29-31.

Brown, S. L. and J. E. Brown. 1992. Effect of plastic mulch color and insecticides on thrips populations and damage to tomato. HortTechnology. 2(2):208-211.

Brown, J. E. C. Stevens, M. C. Osborn and H. M. Bryce. 1989. Black plastic mulch and spunbonded row cover as method of southern blight control in bell pepper. Plant Disease. 73:931-932.

Brown, J. E. and M. C. Osborn. 1989. Optimizing planting methods for an intensive muskmelon production system. HoartScience 24(1):149.

Research Interests: 

Improving Plant Growth and Production Using Organic
Management Systems; Regulating Plant Growth Organically
Using Different Colors of Plastic Mulches; Improving Plant Growth Using Soil Solarization Methods.

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