Food handlers attend certification course

Restaurants, fast-food outlets or venues that serve food to the public all have one thing in common – food safety. To ensure food outlets practice correct sanitation techniques to prevent foodborne illnesses, Fort Valley State University’s Cooperative Extension Program sponsored the National Restaurant AssociationServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification and Training June 8 at its Agricultural Technology Conference Center.

Approximately 25 people, including residents of Peach County and personnel fromFVSU’s Meat Technology Center and Dairy Goat Research Center, picked up information from Dr. Marjorie Moore, director of the Family and Consumer Sciences’ Department at the University of Florida.

Moore covered such topics as the importance of food safety, personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing. She also discussed safe food preparation techniques and proper methods for thawing, cooking, cooling and reheating food.

“When we talk about food preparation, we talk about making sure that the food is cooked to the proper temperature,” Moore said. “That means it needs to be cooked to the minimum temperature to make sure that there are no potential microorganisms.”

Moore told the food managers how cross-contamination and time-temperature abuse can happen easily when you are preparing food. She also said you can prevent pathogens from spreading and growing by making good food-prep choices.

Participants concluded the day by taking the ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification exam. Now, when food managers return to their workplaces, they can begin offering food safety training programs for their new and current staff, said VivianFluellen, the family and consumer sciences program leader at FVSU who coordinated the training. The certification is good for five years.

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