Fort Valley State University Women's Center

The mission of the Fort Valley State University Women’s Center (FVSUWC) is to offer service programs and education designed to provide and to enhance the knowledge, skills and values needed by women to complete secondary and post-secondary educational programs, maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle, secure employment or start a business.

Throughout the academic year, the Women’s Center will offer continuous support by providing programs, workshops and services to foster personal development and growth, skills training, and social responsibility seminars concentrating in four categories as follows:


  1. Cultural Images of Women
  2. Academic Success
    1. Undergraduate/Graduate Programs
      1. College Completion
      2. Peer Mentoring
    2. Faculty/Staff Mentor’s
  3. Middle School/High School Programs
    1. Post Secondary Education Options
  4. Book Clubs

Health and Wellness Program

  1. Health and Nutrition
  2. Physical Health
    1. Obesity and Eating Disorders
    2. Health Screenings
      1. Fibroid Tumors
      2. Heart Disease
      3. Diabetes
    3. AIDS Awareness
    4. HPV Prevention
    5. Body Image Week
    6. Breast Cancer Awareness
    7. Pregnancy
  3. Mental Health

Career and Professional Development

  1. Women in Higher Education
    1. Women Mentoring Women
      1. Navigating the Tenure Track
    2. Career/Professional Development
      1. Women in Athletics and Business
      2. Women in the Agriculture
      3. Women in the Arts and Humanities
      4. Women in Science and Technology
    3. Achieving Work/Life Balance
  2. Faith-based/Community Programs
    1. Woman to Woman Programs

Violence Prevention Program

  1. Violence Prevention Workshops
    1. Ending Violence Against Women
      1. Domestic Violence, Date Rape, Violence Against Women, Teen Violence and Stalking

  • The desired location for the Women’s Center is a visible, comfortable environment in which women may obtain information about programs and services, meet to plan events, and conduct small group discussions to articulate and solve problems

  • The goal of the Women’s Center Violence Prevention Program is to promote high quality, coordinated prevention and response services designed specifically for women. Professional services, training and education will be made accessible to decrease the number of incidents of violence and to increase the availability of services for victims of dating and domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Workshops will be presented to incoming freshmen, student athletes, staff members, Greek groups, community faith-based organizations, and local businesses. The FVSUWC will also plan ans organize activities for Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

  • Research suggests that when women have the help of a mentor, they tend to adjust and perform better. In addition to the institution’s distinct informal and formal structural academic and social patterns, the community has a array of social and economic services and programs to offer that may be of interest to women new to the FVSU environment. The goal of the Women Mentoring Women Program is to familiarize new faculty, staff and women to the Fort Valley State University academic and social patterns as well as making them aware of local programs organizations, business and faith-based organizations via the Women Mentoring Women mentoring program.

  • Objectives Status
    1. By the end of spring 2012, establish the Women’s Center by securing approval from appropriate university officials and appoint an executive director, assistant director and advisory board.
      1. Design a logo for the Women’s Center that represents the diverse women to be served.
    In progress. Estimated completion date, April 25, 2012.
      1. Develop a mission and vision statement in keeping with the institution’s land-grant mission.
      1. Designate a physical campus location/address and a virtual presence via the university website.
    In progress. Estimated completion date, April 25, 2012.
      1. Interview students, alumni, staff, faculty and community youth through seniors to ascertain perceived areas of need and topics of interests.
      1. Announce via press release the creation of the Fort Valley State University Women’s Center.
    Desired date May 1, 2012
    1. By the end of summer 2012, obtain external funding for the Women’s Center violence prevention program.
    In Progress
    1. By the end of summer 2012, identify female mentors (Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, Retirees, Community)
    In Progress
    1. By the start of fall 2012, conduct the first Women Mentoring Women Activity
    Anticipated start date, August 2012
    1. By the start of fall 2012, select an advisory board..
    Anticipated completion date, August 1, 2012
    1. By the end of fall 2012, convene a committee of diverse women to develop the Women’s Center strategic plan for 2013 – 2015.