FVSU Academic Highlights for 2015

FVSU students at Honors Convocation.

January 8, 2016 – Fort Valley State University highlighted academic excellence and professional training during the 2015.  The university was named number one in the country for producing the most African-American graduates in the field of mathematics for the entire nation. The campus produces more African-American graduates in the field than Harvard University, the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech University, and other HBCUs like Spelman College and Howard University for the 2014 academic term.

Additionally, the campus approved five new minor programs in 2015. The campus not only held conferences that helped prepare students to become researchers and scholars, FVSU also held specialized training that prepared Middle Georgia mathematics instructors to teach inside the classroom.

  1. NASA experts provide STEM training for Middle Georgia teachers at FVSU –  Faculty and aspiring teacher educators specializing in science, technology, engineering and mathematics-based instruction received hands on training during a special Faculty/Teacher Professional Development Institute on Thursday, March 5 and Friday, March 6. During the “Increasing Student Outcomes in STEM” event, experts from NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center will instruct on to make science and mathematics curriculum fun and educational. Activities took place in Fort Valley State University’s Hubbard Education Building. URL: http://www2.fvsu.edu/nasa-experts-to-provide-stem-training-for-middle-georgia-teachers-at-fvsu/
  2. New University College program to help incoming freshmen become more college ready – Fort Valley State University helped to prepare 50 students for the rigors of academic life on a college campus thanks to a new initiative. The campus launched the University College program to provide incoming freshmen with one-on-one mentoring and tutoring to help make them college-ready. The program is the brainchild of Dr. B. Donta Truss, vice president for Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness. The University College program will operate under the Office of Academic Affairs and Dr. Jessica Bailey, the FVSU provost and vice president for Academic Affairs. The program, funded through Title III, has been approved by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents to help FVSU serve its constituents.
  3. FVSU to host 5th Annual Research Day – Wildcat scholars showcased their latest scholarship during an annual event that highlights student research. Fort Valley State University held its 5th Annual Research Day on April 16 in the C.W. Pettigrew Center. During the morning, there was a ribbon cutting to signal the official start of Research Day. Students presented their research findings from a variety of academic disciplines from FVSU’s four colleges: Agriculture, Family Sciences and Technology; Arts and Sciences, Education; and Graduate Studies and Extended Education. URL: http://www2.fvsu.edu/fvsu-holds-fifth-annual-research-day/
  4. FVSU holds 35th annual social and behavioral sciences colloquium  – Fort Valley State University alumni recently shared how the institution’s social sciences department impacted their lives and careers during the 35th annual Banks-Pierro-Rutland-Bellamy Colloquium on April 10, 2015 in the C. W. Pettigrew Farm and Family Life Center. Throughout the morning, students presented research papers in the auditorium of the W.W.E. Blanchet Computer Technology and Mathematics Building, while competing for cash prizes. At noon, organizers held a luncheon that honored student scholars and researchers, and recognized distinguished graduates. URL: http://www2.fvsu.edu/fvsu-holds-35th-annual-social-and-behavioral-sciences-colloquium/
  5. FVSU starts new minor program in applied statistics – Fort Valley State University mathematics and science students will have a new offering this fall that will help give them an edge in the job field. The university is offering an applied statistics course starting in the fall 2015. URL: http://www2.fvsu.edu/fvsu-starts-new-minor-program-in-applied-statistics/
  6. FVSU to offer theatre minor – Fort Valley State University Joseph Adkins Players give their time, talent and heart to ensuring that their theater performances are on-mark for opening night. In the fall, those thespians will have an opportunity to receive classroom credit in exchange for their efforts thanks to a new theater minor program that was recently approved during a faculty senate meeting. URL: http://www2.fvsu.edu/fvsu-to-offer-theatre-minor/
  7. FVSU to offer minor degree in chemistry – Fort Valley State University’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics majors will soon have a brand-new offering that will broaden their expertise and expand their professional development. Starting fall 2015, the university’s chemistry department will offer a minor in chemistry. The program was approved during an FVSU faculty senate meeting this spring. URL: http://www2.fvsu.edu/fvsu-to-offer-minor-degree-in-chemistry/
  8. FVSU to offer minor program in gerontology – Fort Valley State University has created a new minor degree program designed to produce professionals tasked with helping with the needs of record-setting elderly population in the United States. Starting fall 2015, the university will offer a minor degree program in gerontology. According to the U.S. Census Bureau Report, “An Aging Nation: The Older Population in the United States,” the elderly population aged 65 and over is projected to more than double to 83.7 million by 2050. URL: http://www2.fvsu.edu/fvsu-to-offer-minor-program-in-gerontology/
  9. Cybersecurity minor to debut in fall – In order to meet the growing demand for cybersecurity experts, Fort Valley State University has launched a new minor in cybersecurity. The new program will be offered in Fall 2015 and will provide students with the essentials to face increasing threats from criminals on the internet, said Dr. Uppinder Mehan, dean of FVSU’s College of Arts and Sciences. URL: http://www2.fvsu.edu/fvsu-to-start-cybersecurity-minor/
  10. FVSU holds Orientation Session for UTS/Move on When Ready Students –Middle Georgia students have the opportunity to earn college credits while completing their high school diplomas at Fort Valley State University (FVSU). On August 8, families gathered in the Pettigrew Center at FVSU to participate in the orientation for the university’s Move On When Ready (MOWR) program, which allows young people to earn credits toward completion of their college degrees, free of charge. URL: http://www2.fvsu.edu/fvsu-holds-orientation-session-for-utsmove-on-when-ready-students/
  11. Fort Valley State University holds policing and race forum – Local law enforcement officers from Fort Valley State University and the Middle Georgia community spoke to university students about the challenges of policing and the perception of racial bias during a Policing and Race Panelist held forum on campus recently. The campus held its Policing and Race Forum on Sept. 17. Dr. Uppinder Mehan, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, said he launched the event to spark intellectual discussions on campus regarding the recent slate of publicized police shootings. URL: http://www2.fvsu.edu/fort-valley-state-university-holds-policing-and-race-forum/
  12. Two FVSU online programs ranked top in the nation – Affordable Colleges Foundation (ACF), a resource for online learning and college affordability information, recently published its new ranking of 2015’s Top Online degree programs. ACF used a proprietary scoring system to evaluate hundreds of colleges with the best online psychology program options. Fort Valley State University’s online criminal justice program was ranked 21st in the nation, and its psychology program was ranked 24th. URL: http://www2.fvsu.edu/fort-valley-state-university-holds-cake-cutting-for-120th-anniversary/
  13. FVSU produces highest number of African-American math graduates in nation, according to report– One of the nation’s leading journals in diversity ranked a Fort Valley State University degree program as number one in the nation for producing the highest number of African-American graduates in mathematics. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, ranked FVSU as number one in the country for producing graduates in the field of mathematics and statistics. The school outranked major national institutions that included Harvard University and Georgetown University (tied for #36). The campus also beat all Georgia institutions such as the University of Georgia (which ranked at #50), Georgia State University (ranked at #9), and HBCUs Spelman College (ranked at #3), Morehouse College (ranked at #4). Savannah State University (ranked at #6) and Albany State University (ranked at #22). URL: http://www2.fvsu.edu/fvsu-produces-highest-number-of-african-american-math-graduates-in-nation-according-to-report/
  14. FVSU recognizes outstanding researchers and professors at annual Scholarship Day – The university held its third annual Celebration of Scholarship Day on Oct. 13 in the C.W. Pettigrew Center. During this annual event faculty were recognized for their accomplishments in teaching, research, and service during the 2014-2015 academic year. URL: http://www2.fvsu.edu/fvsu-recognizes-outstanding-researchers-and-professors-at-annual-scholarship-day/