FVSU announces new department: OIRPE/CRS

May 17, 2013 – Fort Valley State University’s administrative council unanimously approved the restructuring of several campus departments recently. The Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness merged with the Center for Retention Services and the Quality Enhancement Plan program. The new department falls under the purview of the Office of Academic Affairs, and relocated to the Royal C. Peabody Building on campus.

“Academic affairs has been rethinking its organizational structures in line with the Board of Regents’ priorities for cost savings and maximizing efficiency and effectiveness,” said Dr. Canter Brown Jr., executive vice president and interim vice president for academic affairs. “Collecting all of the programs involved in the reorganization of [OIRPE] not only allowed us to accomplish that, but, even better, it permitted us for the first time to move toward operating all of these worthy student-oriented initiatives in a complimentary fashion within the context of a holistic approach. We anticipate more bang for our buck, while we believe our ability to retain and graduate students will be enhanced significantly.”

Dr. B. Donta Truss leads the newly restructured department as associate vice president of OIRPE/CRS. The new office will include the offices of institutional research, planning and effectiveness, QEP, retention programs, testing services, tutorial services, academic counseling and differently-abled services.

“The reorganization allows us to be more efficient and effective and give us an opportunity to better collaborate between programs,” said Truss. “Our new department will develop initiatives and strategies and employ a data-driven decision making process that will increase student engagement, provide better academic support nets and ensure the we are providing all students an opportunity to be successful at FVSU.

Three unfilled positions will remain vacant within the department, saving the university at least $85,000.

According to Truss, the OIRPE/CRS will also pursue new initiatives to boost academic achievement on campus.

“One of the main goals we want to achieve is to increase the retention rates from 58 percent to approximately 85 percent,” said Truss. “Additionally, we will develop an aggressive plan to increase graduation rates by approximately 10 percent in the very near future.”

For more information about the restructuring academic departments, contact the Office of Academic Affairs, (478) 822-3312.




Contact: Christina D. Milton, writer FVSU Marketing and Communications (478) 822- 7589