FVSU counseling programs merge under new department

Dr. Jean Wacaster, interim chair for Fort Valley State University’s newly-formed Department of Counseling.

May 14, 2013 – Whether it’s in school, on the job, or mental health facilities, counselors provide advice and strategies to help individuals make better life choices. Recently, Fort Valley State University made a move to ensure that students training to become counselors will have all of the resources they need to assist their patients. The merger of the graduate counseling programs produced the FVSU Department of Counseling. The College of Graduate Studies and Extended Education has oversight over the department. The merger involves four degree programs: the master’s in mental health counseling and rehabilitation counseling and case management; and the master’s and education specialist programs in school counselor education. According to Dr. Anna Holloway, dean of graduate studies and extended education, the new merger will allow the university’s programs to share resources. “We all have seen that classes can be shared among these programs,” said Holloway, “and we will be able to provide more opportunities for our graduate students with this structure.” Dr. Jean Wacaster is moving from the position of associate dean of education to become the interim head of the Department of Counseling. Wacaster says she is excited to return to the field of counseling. “We can maximize the experience—share the expertise—of these different counseling programs and the individual backgrounds of the faculty in these departments,” said Wacaster. The three counseling programs will retain their coordinators under this new departmental merger. The coordinators are Dr. KananurChandras (mental health counseling), Dr. Jerry Brenner, (rehabilitation counseling and case management) and Dr. Teah Moore, (school counselor education). For more information about the program, please contact the College of Graduate Studies and Extended Education, (478) 825-6338 or visit Wacaster in the Bond Building, room 246.

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