FVSU department honors students, first lady with special program

May 3, 2013 –Fort Valley State University students were given kudos during a special ceremony honoring them for their exceptional leadership and academic accomplishments. On April 23, students filled the Founders Hall auditorium to receive plaques and commendations during the Department of Fine Arts, Humanities and Mass Communications’ inaugural Student Awards Ceremony and Reception. The event also honored FVSU’s First Lady Betty Rivers for her contribution to the department.
Before the ceremony started, FVSU’s assistant music professors Dr. Franklin Gross and Leonard Giles set the mood with several guitar compilations. Afterward, Dr. HopeMauzerall, an associate professor of fine arts, welcomed the audience to the ceremony. Dr. Andrew Lee, an associate professor of speech, told the audience why the new ceremony was launched.
“The department wants to take a moment to recognize those who’ve gone beyond the realm of duty,” said Lee. “We’re using this occasion to say thank you for all you do.” The associate professor said the department wanted to honor students for their outstanding work.  She told other students, not being honored, to continue working hard, because you never knew who might be paying attention to them.
The Department of Fine Arts, Humanities and Mass Communications’ chair, Bobby Dickey, took the podium to pay homage to the university’s first lady.
FVSU first lady, Betty Rivers (center) shown with Dr. Andrew Lee (left), an associate professor of speech, and Bobby Dickey, department chair, fine arts, humanities and mass communications.
“It’s really an honor to make this presentation,” said Dickey. “We wanted to make a special presentation to someone who is given a lot to this department.  Mrs. Rivers, we want to honor you with this plaque. This is award for your outstanding service and dedication to our department and to the university.”
Dickey read the inscription: “This award is presented to Mrs. Betty Jean Rivers, first lady of the Fort Valley State University, in appreciation for world-class dedication and service to the university.” Dickey also announced that department was seeking accreditation for its various degree programs including its largest program, mass communications.
Rivers thanked Dickey and commended Chata Spikes, assistant professor of mass communications, and the Wildcat Force for their work in organizing performances for the university’s Spring Break Recruitment Tour. Additionally, she recognized the fine arts department helping to prepare memorabilia for helping to organize the Tubman African American Museum exhibit.
Later, standout students were honored with plaques, and treated to a special luncheon following the program.
Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards
 Outstanding Academic Achievement in Art – Shelby Suggs, senior, fine arts
 Outstanding Academic Achievement in Journalism – Dana Jefferson, senior, mass communications
 Outstanding Academic Achievement in Music – Cullen Carson, senior, music
Outstanding Leadership and Public Service Awards
Joseph Adkins Players – Dana Jefferson, senior, mass communications
Designers’ Guild – Xavier Wright, student president
FVSU Band-Randy Williams, FVSU band member (Leonard Giles received the award in Williams’ absence.)
JC Hill Forensic-Aaron Coleman, student president (Absent)
Peachite Newspaper – Horace C. Holloman III, former editor-in-chief (Absent)
Departmental Public Service – Shantika Ogletree, senior, mass communications
Christina D. Milton,writer
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