FVSU honors students during Critical Thinking Day

May 9, 2013 – Fort Valley State University recently honored students who’ve excelled on the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency test during its third annual Critical Thinking Day. Dr. Ian Toppin, director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, presided. FVSU’s Center for Enhancing in Critical Thinking sponsored the April 30 ceremony.

During the celebratory event, students received certificates and plaques for superb performance on the CAAP exam, a standardized test from ACT (American College Testing), which helps colleges and universities assess and evaluate student-learning outcomes within their general education programs. The students were also treated to a luncheon.

“Most people think that critical thinking involves only collecting information, but it requires thinking outside of the box, using information to solve a problem,” said Dr. Cheryl Swanier, associate professor of computer science, who participated in the ceremony.

The two students who received the highest CAPP scores for fall 2012 and spring 2013 semesters were Nicholas Jones and Steven Strickland, respectively.

Fall 2012 CAAP Certificate of Achievement List

  • Adams, Iesha T. – Critical Thinking
  • Burney, Richard L. – Math, Reading, Critical Thinking
  • Cargile, Simeon C. – Critical Thinking
  • Crockett, Brittney C. – Writing, Math, Reading, Critical Thinking
  • Dukes, Victor B. – Math, Critical Thinking
  • Felton, Lawanda D. – Critical Thinking
  • Fields, Gregory M. – Critical Thinking
  • Fields, Myranda A. – Mathematics
  • Freeman, Cristie D. – Writing, Reading, Critical Thinking
  • Grace, Amy L. – Critical Thinking
  • Hughley, Jataurus M. – Critical Thinking
  • Jackson, Ashley J. – Writing, Math, Critical Thinking
  • Johnson, Latoya S. – Writing
  • Jones, Nicholas J. – Writing, Math, Reading, Critical Thinking
  • King, Angelica K. – Writing
  • Lewis, Alexis N. – Critical Thinking
  • Lopez Flores, Patricia – Reading, Critical Thinking, Science
  • Lowe, Javier D. – Critical Thinking
  • Martin, Anna M. – Reading, Critical Thinking
  • Moses, Andrea N. – Critical Thinking
  • Newberry, Dominique K. – Math, Critical Thinking, Science
  • Nichols, Tirrell L. – Reading, Critical Thinking
  • Peoples, Mercedes M. – Critical Thinking
  • Redd, Keigan D. – Critical Thinking
  • Robinson, Ashley D. – Writing, Critical Thinking
  • Simmons, Matechia C. – Math
  • Smith, Jalisa A. – Critical Thinking
  • Smith, Tanika M. – Writing, Reading, Critical Thinking
  • Tucker, Brian A. – Math, Critical Thinking
  • Walton, Logan – Critical Thinking
  • Werts, Stephen D. – Math
  • Wilkerson, Kenneth Jr. – Writing, Critical Thinking
  • Williams, Shericka V. – Critical Thinking

Spring 2013 CAAP Certificate of Achievement List

  • Brown, Devaughn T. – Math, Reading, Critical Thinking
  • Carter, Ryesha C. – Critical Thinking
  • Casteel, Alexzondra C. – Critical Thinking
  • Francis, Brittany – Writing
  • Harrison, Allante D. – Writing, Math, Reading, Critical Thinking, Science
  • Mapp, Brittney L. – Writing, Reading, Critical Thinking, Science
  • Mills, Ramona L. – Writing, Critical Thinking
  • Rosser, Andrew J. – Critical Thinking
  • Strickland, Steven L. – Math, Critical Thinking
  • Thomas, Tykia Q. – Critical Thinking
  • Thompson, Dexter W. – Critical Thinking
  • Walton, Logan D. – Writing, Critical Thinking, Science

Students Nominated by Faculty for Outstanding Critical Thinking Activities

Student Name Nominated By: Class/Activity
Ackaah, Eric Dr. Tiffani Holmes & Dr.
Xiangyan Zeng
CHEM 1211 – K & CSCI 1301
Bacon, Cedrica Dr. Frederick McLaughlin 2nd Place Research
Day 2013
Baskett, Jamil Dr. Frederick McLaughlin 1st Place Research
Day 2013
Bowers, Jasmine Dr. Cheryl Swanier Prin. Of Operating Systems
Brawner, Crystal Dr. James Newton CPSY 5733
Butler, Qiana L. Dr. George Mbata Biology 1108
Coons, Timothy Dr. James Newton RCCM 5400
Durrah, Angelica Dr. Frederick McLaughlin 3rd Place Research
Kelly , Tabias Dr. Barbara Wyche SOCI 3030 – 01 & 4000 – 01
McCrory, Samantha Dr. Jorgette Mauzerall English 2112
Myers, Jachin Dr. Ramana Gosukonda CSCI 1002 & 1301
Simon, Erin Dr. George Mbata BIOL. 1108
Singleton, Hayden Dr. Jorgette Mauzerall English 2112 & 3263
Sylvain, Britney Drs. Gosukonda & Swanier CSCI 4000, ACM – grant writing


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