FVSU launches new website

FVSU web site art

Fort Valley State University today announced the launch of a new website that not only features more engaging content and eye-catching design, but also is crafted to be more user-friendly, interactive and responsive.

The upgrade is part of the institution’s ongoing efforts to enhance its brand locally, nationally and internationally, said Pamela Berry-Johnson, FVSU director of Marketing and Communications.

FVSU president Dr. Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith called the new website an “incredible new connectivity for enhanced communication” with the Wildcat Nation.

“It’s part of my vision to enable the Dreaming and Doing in The Valley to be shared on mountaintops and in valleys across our nation and the world,” Griffith said. “I’m thankful to Ms. Pamela Berry-Johnson, her team and their consultants, and to Mr. Gary Miller, his team, and their consultants for the considerable time, talent and patience expended over the several months this project was in the making.”

Other branding enhancements have included boosting FVSU’s strong social media presence, TV, radio and outdoor advertising and the production of a mobile application that will be released in the coming weeks.

“The goal is not only to allow our visitors to quickly get the information they need relative to academics, athletics, FVSU news and our stellar programs, but also design a website based on what information is accessed the most and how people instinctively scan for information on a web page,” Berry-Johnson said. “The site also allows translations into different languages to accommodate global visitors and those who speak English as a second language.”

Fort Valley State’s website overhaul was conducted in partnership with the Macon-based Progressive Consulting Technologies, Inc.

“We were excited to have the opportunity to work with FVSU as they take advantage of available technologies to provide much needed information to current and future students, alumni, and faculty and staff through their new website,” said Henry Scott, PCTI program manager. “We are thankful to have the opportunity to work with Mrs. Berry-Johnson and her team to provide a framework that will allow them to produce, distribute, and refresh content more easily and efficiently.

Changes to the website, Berry-Johnson said, go well beyond just new features for the homepage. It also includes a more intuitive experience for the internal pages and allows various academic units to be more engaging for future and current students by spotlighting some of the dynamic things occurring in those areas.

“This new website supports that rapid updates of news, information and program changes that is required to be competitive for an institution of higher learning,” Berry-Johnson said.

Fort Valley State’s efforts also have been supported, Berry-Johnson said, by the addition of a new web content coordinator – Kenneth Inge – who joined the staff in December 2014 and whose primary focus is ensuring FVSU’s web presence is dynamic and cutting-edge in user-interaction and design.

“Our website is our ultimate connection to the world,” Berry-Johnson said. “It speaks for us whether you’re visiting online in Augusta, Georgia or Tokyo, Japan. We want that online experience to be a positive reflection of our dynamic university.”