FVSU SAFE Tips June 8 – 12

Fort Valley State University has launched the Safety Awareness For Everyone (SAFE) campaign. Several times a week, our campus will provide you with personal safety tips that will help you protect yourself and remain safe on or off campus. If you have a crime to report, contact Campus Safety at (478) 825-6211, or if it is an emergency, call the Fort Valley City Police at 911.

Guarding against Robbery and Assault
Tip 1: Do not allow strangers into your building or apartment. Observe visitors through your door peephole or window prior to opening the door. Have repair or service personnel show official identification and confirm their presence with the person requesting the service. Delivery persons should remain outside to await the person requesting the delivery.
Tip 2: Never hitchhike or accept rides from strangers.

Off-Campus Safety Tips
Tip 1: Never loan anyone your key, not even close friends, who do not have the same level of concern for the security of your house. Do not leave your keys unattended in your room or apartment. Do not put your name or address on your key chain. If keys are lost or stolen, report the loss immediately to the police, and have your locks changed. At night always have your keys ready before you get to the door.
Tip 2: Have your local police telephone number posted near all telephones in case of emergency. Program it into your cell phone too.

Remember the basic rule of prevention is to be sensible and stay alert. For additional tips on safety, visit www.fvsu.edu/safe.