Explanation of Low Income Form

FA FERPA Authorization 2014-2015

HOPE Scholarship Evaluation Form

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Transcript: W-2 Request Process Document 2014-2015

James H. Porter Scholarship Application 2014-2015

Loan Cancellation or Reduction Request Form 2014-2015

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form

TEACH Grant Affidavit 2014-2015

Unusual Enrollment Review Form 2015-2016

Border Waiver Application 2015-2016

Verification Worksheets and Requirements

There have been significant changes to the verification process and what is being verified. Below is a list of forms used for verification. Before you proceed with completing these forms, please check your information on Banner web and/or the tracking e-mail notification you received to see which form(s) you need to complete.

Dependent Student Verification Worksheets for 2015-2016

V1 Standard Dependent Verification Worksheet – Dependent
V3 Child Support Paid Verification Worksheet – Dependent
V4 Custom Verification Worksheet – Dependent
V5 Aggregate Verification Worksheet – Dependent
V6 Verification of Other Untaxed Income Worksheet – Dependent

Independent Student Verification Worksheets for 2015-2016

V1 Standard Independent Verification Worksheet – Independent
V3 Child Support Verification Worksheet – Independent
V4 Custom Verification Worksheet – Independent
V5 Aggregate Verification Worksheet – Independent
V6 Other Untaxed Income Verification Worksheet – Independent

Multi YearForms & Documents

Parent PLUS Loan Online Application Instructions
Graduate PLUS Loan Online Application Instructions

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