Commercial DesignBachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree.

The Commercial Designprogram provides majors with on-the-job training at design studios, public relations firms, television stations, newspaper and magazine publishers, publishing companies, the film industry, print shops, department stores and governmental agencies. Student interns must receive a satisfactory performance evaluation from the external internship supervisor in order to complete this requirement. Many of the graduates are hired permanently with these companies after graduation. These experiences reflect a much needed collaboration with the Mass Communications major at the university. Most of the internship agencies involve the same type of work experiences that are needed for both majors, thus creating a collaborative resource for our students with technical expertise.

MusicBachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree.

The Music program is designed to educate and to prepare teacher candidates capable of demonstrating success in bringing students from diverse groups to high levels of learning in music. The professional roles of our graduates will be in the areas of vocal and/or instrumental music at the elementary, middle and secondary levels. Unlike programs in other comparable institutions, the program includes courses such as Computer Applications in Music with special reference to computer-based instruction to introduce students to contemporary computer and recording techniques associated with music education. The program is also responsive to multicultural perspectives by the inclusion of courses to educate students not only in their respective ethnic traditions, but in cross-cultural interactions for better understanding and appreciation of various peoples. In that sense, the program is unique. The music program is designed to produce artist-teachers who have skills, knowledge, and positive attitudes to be successful teachers of music in a variety of settings.

Mass CommunicationsBachelor Arts (B.A.) degree, with concentration in Broadcasting, Print Journalism or Public Relations.

The Mass Communicationsprogram prepares students for future graduate degrees and professional careers in communication, law, human relations, journalism, public relations, television and radio. The field of mass communications is constantly changing. The changes are the results of technological innovations which are challenging both the traditional methods of delivering information to the public and the methods used by journalism and mass communications educators to prepare future media professionals. Therefore, the challenge for educators is to use new technologies creatively to teach those critical skills that enhance employment opportunities for students. To this end, our program is committed to: (1) attracting and training a diverse student population for successful careers in print media, public relations or broadcasting, (2) providing practical hands-on opportunities for students to become efficient in the essential communication skills of writing, announcing and interviewing and to hone their skills in production and visual communications, while understanding the legal and ethical parameters in which they will deploy these skills in the marketplace, and (3) providing a broad theoretical framework for analyzing and understanding societal issues. Graduates of the program should be able to gain employment and internships in various media industries such as radio, newspapers, magazines, television, cable, public relations and new media firms. Producers, news directors, copy editors and managing editors will find the Mass Communications graduate to be suitably qualified for employment with little or no supervision.

Minor programs of study are offered in Commercial Design, Mass Communications, Music (with concentrations in Jazz, Instrumental Music, Piano Performance and Vocal Performance) and Speech Communication.

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