For best success with Brightspace by D2L this semester, remember the ten tips below. Save this for reference throughout the semester.



    1. Brightspace by D2L users at some institutions can reset their own passwords.
    2. Your initial password should be your BannerWEB PIN. For security reasons, a reset password can ONLY be sent to your campus email account. Check BannerWEB for information on your campus email account.


    1. Most online courses will not be available until the first day of class. If your instructor has said your course should be available and it is not, contact your instructor.
    2. If you register late, your course will not be available until 1-2 business days after registration. If this time has passed, and you still do not have access to your course, ask your instructor to add you.


    1. Currently, Firefox 3.6 is the recommended Windows browser for use with Brightspace by D2L. Other browsers may develop problems. Download Firefox 3.6 here: .
    2. Your Windows computer cannot have more than ONE version of Java (JRE) installed.
    3. Do not automatically update your browser or Java during the semester. In Java Control Panel uncheck Check for Updates Automatically.
    4. Clear your browser and Java cache before beginning each assessment. See the link below for help.
    5. Compose assignments using a program such as Microsoft Word, then copy and paste the text or attach the document to the assignment. If you attempt to write a lengthy paper within the Assignment Tool you may time out and lose your work. Lost compositions are NOT recoverable.

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