Human Resources

Location & Contact Information:

Troup Building, Room 202
Phone: 478-825-6301
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m.- 5:30 p.m., Monday – Friday (Appointments available after hours.)

Mission Statement

The Office of Human Resources serves as a support partner in the teaching, research, and public service missions of the university. Our mission is to provide benefits, services and continuing opportunities for training and development which helps to attract, motivate, and retain a highly talented, committed, diverse workforce. Human Resources promotes an environment that values and recognizes productivity and achievement, and respects the worth and dignity of all individuals.

The HR team:



Please save a copy of the form to your computer before adding information to it. Data entered on the form before it is saved will not be retained.

Fort Valley State University’s hiring process is centralized and coordinated by the Human Resources department for all classifications of employment. When a position vacancy occurs, the hiring department must submit the Critical Hire Vacancy Form, Job Vacancy Posting Request and Job Description to the HR department. HR will post all approved employment opportunities to the FVSU employment page and work directly with the hiring department to fill the position.

All applicants must submit an application for employment and provide three professional references. Additional application materials may be required depending upon the position. Please reference the individual job vacancy posting for specific application requirements.

FVSU, as an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action institution, is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for any person with a disability who meets the definition of disabled as described in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Upon request made to the Office of Human Resources at (478) 825-6301, persons applying for employment at FVSU will be provided reasonable accommodations in completing the application and/or interview process.

Should you have an accident while on the job, report the accident immediately to your supervisor. If medical treatment is required, treatment should be arranged as appropriate from a physician on the approved panel of physicians. The supervisor is responsible for calling Teleclaim (DOAS) within 24 hours at 1-877-656-RISK (7475) to report all work place injuries. A panel of physicians listing should be located in each work area. If you need a list, please call the Office of Human Resources. As soon as possible after the accident, call the toll-free number above with the following information:

  • Name, Address, Social Security Number, Age & Sex of Injured Employee
  • Name of Employing Agency, Address and Telephone #
  • Date, Time and Description of Accident (How, Where, Why)
  • Part of Body Injured and Type of Injury (cut, scrape, burn, etc.)
  • Hourly/Weekly/Monthly Wage
  • Name and Address of Physician/Hospital
  • Has Employee Returned to Work?

Only injuries requiring medical care or lost time from work should be reported. Those injuries requiring only first aid or requiring no medical care should be recorded with the Office of Human Resources as an incident only (“incident only” forms can be obtained from The Office of Human Resources).

Additional Board of Regents policies are available on the Internet at:

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