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"The Board of Regents shall establish and support an internal audit function to assist the Board, the Chancellor, and institution presidents in the effective discharge of their responsibilities. The internal audit function shall be governed by an audit charter approved by the Board, which shall describe the purpose of an internal audit, reporting requirements, responsibility, authority and scope of work. Responsibility for approving an annual audit plan and reviewing audit results, reports and recommendations shall be assigned to the Audit Committee of the Board of Regents.

All directors of internal audit at institutions having an internal auditor or internal audit department shall have a direct reporting relationship to the president of that institution and the USG chief audit officer. The president of each institution having an internal auditor shall determine the organizational and operating reporting relationships of the internal auditors at their institution. The USG chief audit officer shall have the authority to direct the internal auditors to audit specific functions at their institutions.

The director of internal audit of each USG institution with an internal auditor shall meet at least annually with the USG chief audit officer to discuss audits, audit findings, and a proposed audit schedule.

The USG chief audit officer is responsible for internal auditing and the directors of internal audit for the USG institutions with an internal auditor. The USG chief audit officer shall provide a system-wide annual report to the Audit Committee of the Board (BOR Minutes, 1935, p. 73; 1991, p. 378)."*

*Policy Manual, Board of Regents, Section 7.10.02.

  • Director

    General Description: Responsible for the design and implementation of internal audits and management reviews to assess the effectiveness of the internal controls of the institution and to evaluate the integrity of the financial data prepared and presented by the institution.

    The Director of Auditing and Management Services is responsible for the evaluation and communication of internal control weaknesses, financial reporting/recording errors, and theft situations. The Director must maintain on-going contact with all management level personnel in the Business and Finance area as well as periodic contact with management level personnel in other University areas. The Office of Auditing and Management Services currently have only one full time staff however; there is opportunity for additional staff as the institution experiences student population growth.
    The President of the University supervises the Director of Auditing and Management Services.

    Auditor II (Vacant)

    General Description: Responsibilities include conducting financial, performance, information system, investigative and compliance audits of departments, colleges, divisions, programs and activities. Prepares reports on the results of audits including recommendations for modification of management practices and fiscal policies.

    Professional Proficiency

    Basic Skills

    Although each auditor cannot be expected to be skilled in all disciplines related to internal auditing, a certain level of expertise should be maintained. The basic skills of an auditor should include an understanding of the following:

    • Interviewing techniques
    • Evaluating controls
    • Preparing working papers
    • Writing reports
    • Governmental accounting and auditing theory and practice
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Professional Development

    Professional development is a joint responsibility between the auditor and the audit management. The Office of Auditing and Management Services will attempt to provide each auditor on an annual basis at least 40 hours of continuing professional education (CPE). The accountability of the 40 hours of CPE hours for each auditor will be the responsibility of audit management. The Office will encourages each auditor to attend professional development sessions held outside of the normal business office hours. Examples of these sessions would be professional organization meetings (IIA, ISACA, CFE etc.), college courses and any other activity that enhances an auditor's professional development. Each auditor will be responsible for reporting the CPE hours earned to the Office. The Office will maintain a record of the CPE hours earned by each auditor.

    Staff Meetings

    Staff meetings can be held to communicate information relative to the operation of the Office or Fort Valley State University. The meeting can serve as a forum for Office members to express their viewpoint on issues. The meetings will be held at least quarterly or more often at the discretion of audit management.

    Activity Reports

    On a quarterly basis, the Office of Auditing and Management Services compiles a summary of audits performed during the reporting period. This report rates both the local audit reports and those individual findings along with audits conducted by the Board of Regents, State Department of Audits and any other State or Federal agency. The report also indicates the status of all audit findings regarding their implementation. In addition, a quarterly status report on progress on the audit plan is prepared. These reports are sent to appropriate officials at the Board of Regents, with copies provided for the administration at the University.

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