Joseph Adkins Players to perform ‘A Salute to Barack and Michelle Obama’

Next week, a Fort Valley State University theater troupe is holding a special salute to honor our nation’s former first couple and the African-American pioneers that impacted history and made significant contributions to the world. Fort Valley State University’s Joseph Adkins Players is hosting “We Go High: A Salute to Barack and Michelle Obama” at 6 p.m. Monday, Feb. 13, in Founders Hall auditorium.

According to Dr. Maisha Akbar, an FVSU associate professor of fine arts, this is the third year in a row that the J.A.P. is hosting a student-led celebration.

“We’ve been performing an annual black history month show for several years,” Akbar said. “This year, we want to celebrate the traditions of our culture, as well as raise our voices and celebrate the unprecedented Obama tenure.”

Akbar said that the play will be foregrounding several African-American spiritual and rhetorical traditions including speech making, poetry, music and dance. Students, who make up the cast, will play Barack and Michelle Obama.

“The play will feature excerpts of famous speeches and performances,” the professor said. “It will also feature original poems from Fort Valley State students, and original dance performances. We will also highlight a special song from the hit Broadway show Hamilton.”

Akbar says that she hopes the play will inspire students to think deeper about the issues affecting their lives and the world around them.

“We hope that students become higher order thinkers,” she said. “Communications is an African- American tradition that we are commemorating. We want to remind students that they should not settle for mediocrity, and that they can have references other than popular trends, pettiness and mediocrity.”

For details, contact Akbar at (478) 825-6989 or, or FVSU’s Department of Fine Arts at (478) 825-6387.




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