Liberal Studies

Bachelor of Arts

Liberal Studies students explore the wide range of thought throughout recorded history, learning to be critical thinkers themselves. The degree field is multidisciplinary, meaning that its subject matters is a combination of study from many different fields. For this reason, the areas of study are broad, including humanities, literature, art, philosophy, history, nature, social structures, cultures, and languages, to name but few. Liberal studies majors take a critical look at how people express themselves, why they make certain decisions, how they relate to each other, and how cultures evolve.

The Liberal Studies program offers the opportunity for a diversified and broad education that meets an individual’s intellectual and career goals. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies requires 120 units for graduation, plus three additional institutional units. The Liberal Studies major of 60 units supports a transdisciplinary, interdisciplinary curriculum, inclusive of knowledge areas in the arts and science, in addition to knowledge areas in agriculture and education. The liberal studies program is also recommended for alternative preparation for students who hope for careers in the professions, such as teaching and law or to become credentialed in other areas, and for preparation for interdisciplinary or disciplinary graduate programs.


Professionals with liberal studies backgrounds tend to be thoughtful problem-solvers with a wide range of knowledge, and therefore tend to be employed in areas which require a depth of thought and the ability to relate to people. This includes careers as writers, analysts, personnel managers, curators, librarians, or journalists or in customer service, communications, or education. Many CEO’s and innovators graduated with degrees in liberal studies. Liberal studies students at FVSU are broad thinkers and self-motivators who display a flexibility, adaptability, and creativity that employers seek for rapidly changing times in the twenty-first century. The rich diversity offered by the broad spectrum of knowledge areas, and the integrative thinking students deploy, prepare them for variety of opportunities in government, public service, communications, teaching, the humanities, the arts, as well as for interdisciplinary or disciplinary graduate programs.

The FVSU Bachelor of Arts major in liberal studies is administered through the Language and Liberal Studies Department in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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