Campus and Student Use

The Office of Marketing and Communications regulates the use of the university’s name and all identifying marks, both on and off campus, to ensure the protection of the university’s excellent reputation and maintain high standards of use.  Campus departments, student organizations, and external groups frequently purchase merchandise displaying university symbols, logos, and marks.  These items range from t-shirts to lapel pins, mugs and backpacks, as well as products to commemorate special occasions or events. Since each of these is an extension of the university’s image, there are standards for these items. Only campus departments and student organizations that are officially recognized by or are part of the university are allowed to use FVSU logos, symbols and trademarks in conjunction with their names.

Fort Valley State University products can be made only by licensees who are under contract with Learfield Licensing Partners (formerly LRG), the university’s licensing agency.  These licensees are familiar with the university’s policies for use of the marks, have access to the latest artwork and color specifications, and can assist with designs that follow standards.  They also carry appropriate liability insurance, submit graphics for approval, and pay royalties back to the university for use of the marks.
Ordering items from licensees registered with Learfield is required, but it is also to a department’s or group’s advantage to use these vendors.  Officially licensed vendors are most familiar with how the marks should be used, can save time, money, and effort due to their expertise, and can help expedite approvals.

Off-Campus Use

The use of any Fort Valley State University name, trademark, or logo on any product or in connection with a manufacturer, wholesaler, screen printer, in-store producer, or any other supplier must be managed under a license agreement issued by Learfield Licensing Partners (formerly LRG), the university’s licensing agent. Items that are purchased or produced for resale or give-away must be purchased from a licensed supplier.

The use of any Fort Valley State University name, logo, or trademark is prohibited in advertisements that promote non-university entities.  Manufacturers licensed through Learfield and retailers of licensed Fort Valley State merchandise may use the marks in the promotion of their licensed FVSU merchandise only.  Advertising copy approval is required.

Written authorization and copy approval must be obtained from the FVSU Office of Marketing and Communications prior to any activity which would associate the names, trademarks, or logos of Fort Valley State with those of any business or organization. This includes any association which indicates support for Fort Valley State University or any of its programs. The use of the Fort Valley State University names, trademarks, or logos is strictly prohibited when such use does or will imply endorsement by the university.

Web Use

All standards for printing the university and athletics marks also apply to their use on the World Wide Web. Use of animated version of the logos and trademarks (i.e. spinning, blinking, etc.) is strongly discouraged. When used, however, they must adhere to the previously outlined standards – the logos must always face the proper direction, their colors must meet the set standards, and they cannot be used in an inappropriate manner (no lewd or obscene appearances or apparent endorsement of extra-university programs, organizations, events, or products).


Request Our Logo

Logo use permission is granted on a case-by-case basis. To request use of official university logos, this online form must be completed. Please provide detailed parameters regarding your intended use. Reasonable notice should be given for logo requests.

Approvals are for one-time use only. Subsequent uses of official logos on additional communications vehicles will need to be requested separately.

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