Logo Request

All requests to use the Fort Valley State University logo and seal must be approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Fort Valley State University asks that you agree to follow a few simple rules when using the university’s official logo and/or official seal. If you have any questions, or have a proposed use that is not in strict conformance with these guidelines, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at mobleyc@fvsu.edu.

By requesting to use the logo you acknowledge that you understand and will abide by the guidelines. If you are sharing the file with a designer or other approved entity, you acknowledge that you will share the guidelines with them and that they abide by the guidelines. You may not alter the logo or the seal in any way, including proportion, color, element, type, etc.

You may not animate, morph or in any other way distort the appearance. You must use only the logo or seal format provided by Fort Valley State University. You must also adhere to these guidelines and the guidelines set forth in the FVSU Name and Logo Policy  (PDF). The logo must appear by itself— it may not be combined with any other graphic or textual elements and may not be used as a design element of any other logo or trademark.

Fort Valley State University reserves the right, at any time and without cause, to modify or suspend these guidelines and withdraw any permission granted under any agreement to use any FVSU logo. Fort Valley State University reserves the right to take action against any misuse or unfair, misleading, diluting, or infringing use of FVSU’s trademarks or logos.

FVSU Logo Request Form

This is to request a general Fort Valley State University logo.
  • Please indicate the name and email address that the file should be sent to.
    I acknowledge that I will comply with the guidelines for logo usage, I acknowledge that I will ensure that designers and others that I share this logo with will comply with the guidelines.