Master’s in Middle Grade Education

The Master of Science degree in Middle Grades Education Program is designed to assist in-service teachers who already have a T-4 certificate to acquire a broad range of knowledge and skills and a repertoire of specialized teaching skills for students in grades 4 through 8. The specialized content courses provide advanced level instruction in communicative arts, mathematics, science, social sciences, and reading. Field-based instruction within the teacher’s own classroom and other settings is incorporated in over 40 percent of the coursework leading to the degree. A specialized content practicum allows the candidates to continue to apply content knowledge in a suitable setting. The Master of Science in Middle Grades Education is a thirty-six (36) Credit Hour program that leads to a T-5 for the in-service educator.

Graduates of the MSED in Middle Grades Education program are eligible for certification at the T-5 level and for positions in teaching upper elementary and middle school students.

NOTE: Certification requirements in addition to the curriculum listed in this page include a couorse in the teaching of reading a course in teaching students with disabilities, and demonstration of computer literacy (embedded in course work). If these were not satisfied at the undegraduate program backing to the T-4, they must be satisfied in this program as advised by the MSED coordinator.


A majority of the courses in the master’s program are taught at the Warner Robins Campus, just 5 minutes from I-75 on Osigian Boulveard.

Our Facility

We attract and maintain a diverse faculty whose excellence in teaching, research and scholarly experiences prepare our students with knowledge and skills, as well as for responsiveness to the changing external environment. Our faculty takes advantage of the latest technology through the ready availability of computer hardware and software through easy access to a range of workshops, institutes and semin – See more at: http://localhost/fvsu/?page_id=8567&preview=true#sthash.iBKyskaj.dpuf

Program Coordinator

Dr. Alfrieda Manson
Phone: (478) 825-6192, 825-6365
FAX: (478) 825-6162

  1. Candidates must complete a Graduate Application and $20 processing fee
  2. GPA of 2.70 or higher
  3. Official transcript from a regionally accredited college or university with an undergraduate degree in a related field (e.g. Middle Grades Education, Math Ed. etc;)
  4. GRE score of 800 and/or MAT score of 44 or higher
  5. Must hold or be eligible for a Georgia Level Four Teachers Professional Certificate (T-4)
  6. Passing scores on the GACE Basic Skills assessment and the GACE Subject Assessment in candidate’s teaching fields
  7. Completed application to the Middle Grades program
  8. Completed acceptable writing sample
  9. Three letters of recommendation
  10. Clear background check
  11. Proof of liability insurance
  12. Membership in a professional education organization
  13. Completed personal interview
  14. Passing scores on the Regents Test/ENGL 0054 or English Fundamentals Exam/Reading Examination

Professional core (6 Hours Required)
Social, Cultural, Historical Foundation

  • EDUC 5503 Fundamentals of Research Design 3hrs
  • EDUC 5783 Applied Inferential Statistics and Research Design 3hrs

Specific Requirements (16Hours Required)

  • FVSU 0500 Orientation to Graduate Studies
  • EDUC 5503 Fundamentals to Research Design
  • EDUC 5432 Seminar in Social Issues and Comparative Education
  • EPSY 5513 Pre-Adolescent Psychology
  • EDMG 5613 Curriculum Needs of the Transescent Learner
  • SCED 5232 Methods of Teching at the Secondary Level

Elective in Graduate Studies

  • *EDUC 5793 Applied Research Practicum

Major Requirements Content (15 Hours Required)

Nine (9) Semester hours in primary concentration
Six (6) Semester hours in secondary concentration


  • ENGL 5003 Communicative Arts
  • ENGL 5023 Teaching Literature in the Middle Grades (Pre-adolescent Literature)

Graduate Elective in English


  • MAED 5301 Numbers & Operations
  • MAED 5020 Algebra Connections
  • MAED 5030 Geometry & Measurements
  • MAED 6010 Advanced Studies of the Calculus
  • MATH 6020 Probability and Statistics


  • BIOL 5103 Environmental Health
  • BIOL 5334 Environmental Microbiology
  • BIOL 5354 Physiological Toxicology
  • CHEM 5304 Environmental Analyses
  • ENVH 5113 Environmental Pollution


  • HIST 5500 Topics in World History
  • HIST 530 Jacksonian America
  • HIST 5311 Georgia in American History
  • HIST 5312 Women in America
  • HIST 5415 Civil Right Movement

Applied Research Project/Thesis

  • EDUC 5793 Applied Research Practicum 3hrs

Some substitutions allowed with approval from Content Area Chairperson and Middle Grades Coordinator.

Each Graduate must have an academic grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.00(B Avg) throughout the program.

In addition, all candidates for graduation must take and pass the Final Written Comprehensive Examination. A capstone course of Applied Action Research, requiring the completion of an action research project, with a publishable paper is also required.

Graduates of the MSED in Middle Grades Education program are eligible for certification at the T-5 level and for positions in teaching grades 4 – 8.

A limited number of graduate assistantships is offered to qualifying students by the College of Graduate Studies & Extended Education. There is other University level financial assistance available to qualifying students.

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