Minor in Education

Students who seek a minor in education are encouraged to speak with the dean of the College of Education or with the chair of the program in which the minor is sought. A minor in education will not yield enough content or pedagogy for certification. A minor might indicate to a prospective employer an applicant’s seriousness about teaching.

Because a minor does not lead to certification by itself, the courses included are generic. The courses included in FVSU’s education minor are required by the State of Georgia for all educators.


  • EDUC 2110: Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education
  • EDUC 2120: Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Diversity in Education
  • EDUC 2130: Exploring teaching and learning
  • EDUC 2110P: Pre-professional Block Practicum – 50 hours of supervised field experience coordinated with the prevoius three courses
  • EDUC 2530: Exceptionalities and Instruction
  • READ 3823: Expanding Literacy Across Content Areas in Middle Grades OR
  • READ 3820: Expanding Literacy Across Content Areas in Early Childhood/Special Education
  • EDMG 3132: Classroom Management Strategies in Middle Grades OR
  • ECSP 3132: Classroom Management Strategies in Early Childhood/Special Education

In addition to the courses above, the College of Education recommends that the student seeking a minor in education take other courses if possible: at least one classroom management course, one methods course and a course in instructional technology. These courses will increase marketability and progress toward certification and advanced degrees.

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