New book serves health professionals, consumers internationally

May 17, 2013 – Nutritionists, food scientists, health professionals, allergy specialists and dairy consumers around the globe now have a new resource when it comes to milk and dairy science in human nutrition.

The research efforts of Dr. Young Park, a Fort Valley State University professor of food science, along with contributions from 61 dairy scientists representing 19 countries around the world helped to compile the scientific reference book, “Milk and Dairy Products in Human Nutrition.” Park used his 30 years of research and accomplishments toward the completion of this work.

“This one stands out among the crowd,” said Park, who is the main editor for the work published in April 2013. Park said the book stands out, because other books published in the field provide partial coverage on dairy product technology and nutrition. He said other books that focus on dairy nutrition are limited mostly to cow milk and human milk.

The scientist said this book is very unique because it provides two different concepts which are not printed in other books thus far. The first concept it covers is all available dairy species around the world consumed by human beings. The second concept that it covers is all aspects of production, composition, processing technology and nutrition information on milk and dairy products.

He said traditionally books on milk and dairy products focus on cow milk only. Park said cow milk is not important in many regions of the world. Other milk-producing species such as goats, sheep, buffalos, camels and yaks are more important than cows, because cow milk is not available in many parts of the world.

Park said this book will serve as an important, world-archive reference for food scientists, food technologists, dairy manufacturers, nutritionists, medical and health professionals and health-conscious consumers. He said he expects the book to become a textbook or reference book for classrooms at colleges and universities, libraries and governmental agencies.

“Milk and Dairy Products in Human Nutrition” marks the sixth book published by Park. In the future, he hopes this book will be translated into other languages such as Spanish and Chinese reaching a larger audience.

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