FVSU Researcher and Professor Young W. Park Awarded Top Fellowship for Ground-breaking Work in Food Production and Agricultural Education

Park Named a 2018 American Dairy Science Association Fellow

May. 1, 2018

Fort Valley State University professor Young Park, Ph.D., D. Min., has been named a 2018 American Dairy Science Association Fellow, making him the first awardee from an 1890 Land-grant Institution or a historically black college or university and one of four awardees nationally. The American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) is an international organization of educators, scientists, and industry representatives who are committed to advancing the dairy industry and are keenly aware of the vital role dairy sciences play in fulfilling the economic, nutritive, and health requirements of the world’s population. Dr. Park is a professor of food science and renowned dairy goat researcher. He has taught and conducted research at FVSU since 1997. His research specialties include milk and dairy products, food processing, and food safety.  

 “Dr. Park is an example of the innovation and invention that makes the FVSU experience transformative for our students, instructors, and communities throughout the world,” said FVSU President Paul Jones. “His work has helped change economic opportunities for farmers, made them more productive, and improved access to food for people around the world. FVSU researchers like Young Park are making changes happen in one of the most important fields.” 

 One of Dr. Park’s many accomplishments during his nearly 40 year career is his success in teaching students and stakeholders how to preserve and freeze the goat milk cheese they produce. Unlike cows, goats do not provide milk year round. The three-to-four month lapse in milk production causes a loss of revenue for farmers. Dr. Park has worked with students and farmers to produce products that are marketable during off season, such as the goat milk cheese. Park’s work to educate farmers and stakeholders in preservation methods has allowed them to market products year-round and diversify their income.It’s known that more people drink goat’s milk than that of any other single species in the world.  

 The ADSA Fellow Award “recognizes dairy foods division and production division members who have rendered distinguished service to the dairy industry more 20 years or more.The winner must have made exceptional contributions to the dairy industry, to a dairy related discipline or to ADSA,” according to the association.

One of his books, “Handbook of Milk and Non-Bovine Mammals” is used as a textbook for research on college campuses, including Harvard Medical School. It was published in its second edition in May 2017. He received his Ph.D. from Utah State University, a master’s degree from the University of Minnesota, a bachelor’s degree from Kon Kuk University in South Korea, and divinity degrees from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary and Houston Theological Seminary.  

The ADSA Fellow award will be presented to Dr. Park at the ADSA Annual Meeting June 24-27, 2018 during the awards ceremony in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Main image caption: (l to r) Dr. Young Park, second from left, works with researchers and students.