If you are interested in creating products bearing the Fort Valley State University trademarks and logos, you will need to obtain a license. Fort Valley State University has partnered with Learfield Licensing Partners (formerly LRG) to help with this process. From the initial application to royalty management and beyond, Learfield is there to provide assistance, information, and support to each licensed manufacturer.

To get started on obtaining a license, clink on the link below to download an application packet. The application contains instructions on how to complete the application phase of licensing as well as information that licensees will need to retain throughout the course of the licensing process.

All licensees are required to remit royalty reports and payments on a quarterly basis to Learfield, who collects these payments on behalf of FVSU. FVSU’s royalty rate is eight percent (8%) of the wholesale price of a product.

For more information on becoming licensed with Fort Valley State University, please visit this link to download the information.

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