The B.A. in Criminal Justice provides knowledge of the foundations, principles and procedures of the criminal justice system. The program deals with the three components of the criminal justice system: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. All students become acquainted with these areas and with the application of other bodies of knowledge to the criminal justice system.

This program has the same requirements as the traditional B.A. in Criminal Justice with the exception that online or approved non-credit health and physical education activities will be substituted for the required health and physical education classes in the traditional program.

Students with the A.S. degree in Criminal Justice should contact Distance Education to find out how their coursework will apply to the requirements for the B.A. in Criminal Justice.

To apply to the online B.A. in Criminal Justice, complete the application to FVSU online and state on the form that you are a fully online student. Students who are enrolled in fully online classes only will not be required to pay health, student activity, athletic, or technology fees. For every fully online course, students will be charged e-tuition.

Contact Distance Education for more information about the Online Criminal Justice degree at FVSU.

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