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This page was developed to assist current and prospective students of Fort Valley State University in submitting complaints and appeals and to direct them to the most effective venue for accurate information and resolution.

Complaint resolution contacts by state

State Agency Name Link to and/or Info. about Complaint Process
Ohio The Ohio Board of Regents The agency does receive student complaints. Students are encouraged to try to resolve their issue through their institution's formal grievance procedures. If the student's issue is not resolved through this process, the agency may then contact the institution on the student's behalf and request that institution work with the student to resolve the issue. If the grievance involves an issue that violates the agency's standards for authorization, the agency would contact the institution to determine the severity of the issue and what agency action would be taken.
Ohio Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools Web link at
Oklahoma Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Current and prospective student complaints are handled through OSRHE Academic Affairs Office by reviewing the circumstances of the complaint and providing the individual with contact information for the most appropriate campus office with the authority to resolve the complaint. If the individual has exhausted the process for review and appeal at the institution and believe the complaint is unresolved, OSRHE staff requests permission to contact the institution on their behalf to identify any possible resolution. OSRHE staff remains in contact with the student to determine if their issue has been resolved or adequately addressed.
Oklahoma Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education no survey completed
Oklahoma The Oklahoma Board of Private Schools no survey completed
Oregon Office of Degree Authorization Yes. All complaints about schools under our regulatory jurisdiction or an exempt status approved by this office are handled by ODA staff. Complaints about exempt schools are referred to the Attorney General's office.
Oregon Department of Education - Private and Career Schools Office Web link at

Preferred Admission Deadlines:

Fall Semester- June 15
Spring Semester - November 1
Summer Semester - April 1

Any applications received after deadlines must meet minimum admission requirements.

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