Course Description –
Students learn to identify the major characteristics of the world of art and cultures and explore creative thinking techniques. Students examine the political and social conditions that influenced architecture, painting, and sculpture from ancient times to the 21st century.

Pre-requisite –

  • None

Required Course Resources –

  • A World of Art, Henry M. Sayre, 7th Edition / MyArtsLab
  • ISBN: 978-0-205-88757-6
  • ISBN: 0-205-90134-4 – To Order with MyArtsLab
  • MyArtsLab is required to facilitate research requirements and complete all Assignments, Tests and Discussions. The Pearson icon on the homepage gives students entry into MyLab. All students must purchase an access code from the FVSU bookstore or online. (Instructions are included with the code)

Course Learning Outcomes –

  • NS = relates to National Standards
  • Students will demonstrate a workable knowledge of the arts of the past and of the contemporary world (NS).
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the general characteristics of past and contemporary painting, sculpture, and architecture (NS).
  • Students will demonstrate critical-thinking skills inthe process of understanding similarities and differences between individual works of art and specific styles/periods of art (NS).
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to identify exemplary works of art from a variety of cultures and historical periods (NS).

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