Course Description –
Students will acquire basic principles and concepts of biology to include a special emphasis on human systems to be compared to the organization and requirements of other living organisms. Students will expand their ability to distinguish and differentiate between the structures and functions of different organisms. The course is focused on microbial diversity; plant and animal diversity, growth, reproduction and physiology; ecology.

Pre-requisite –

  • 1107L and 1107 Lab

Required Course Resources –

  • Texts
  • Freeman, Scott. Biological Science. 2009 Pearson Education, Inc. 4th Edition
  • ISBN 0-321-61351-1
  • Suggested materials
  • Calculator
  • Colored pencils
  • Access to the web or certification in order to use the Biology Computer Lab (If you take Biol 1101, you will automatically be certified.)

Course Learning Outcomes –
General Education Core

Ability to understand basic scientific principle, theories, and laws as they apply to scientific disciplines. Ability to discern the role in and impact of science on society, and to identify and properly use appropriate technologies for scientific inquiry and communication, including collecting and analyzing scientific data.

Major Outcomes

  1. compare the characteristics and processes of plant and animal cells, tissues, and organs
  2. use common laboratory techniques for studying cells

Specific Objectives

  1. Student will continue building a foundation of the basic principles of biological science.
  2. Student will continue to examine the diversity and distribution of organisms.
  3. Students will expand their ability to discuss, differentiate and compare how different organisms solve similar problems with different structures.
  4. Students will continue to examine chemical and physical requirements of living systems
  5. Students will use their expanding knowledge base to relate component parts of biological systems to each other to form a coherent picture of how individual systems react and interact with each other.
  6. Students will analyze and interpret data presented in tables, charts or graphs.

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