Course Description –
Students will be introduced to the concepts and techniques of statistical computation and analysis. The students will develop skills and knowledge needed to use statistics in professional endeavors including basic research, program evaluation, data and test analysis. This course will enable graduates to perform basic statistical applications expected of helping professionals.

Pre-requisite –

  • Graduate Status; Permission of Advisor: If you have not had an undergraduate course in statistics, please contact the instructor immediately.

Required Course Resources –

  • Title: Advanced and multivariate Statistical methods
  • Author: Mertler, C. A. & Vannatta, R. A.
  • ISBN: 978-1936523-09-2
  • Publisher: Los Angeles, CA: Pyrczak
  • Edition/Year: 5th/2013
  • Type: Required resource

Course Learning Outcomes –

C.8.1.a. Understand research methodology and relevant statistics in order to: (1) demonstrate the ability to apply the appropriate multivariate statistical methods and interpret the results in a clear manner in order to determine best practice in the various fields of counseling; and (2) Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of various multivariate statistical techniques used in various counseling field in order to interact competently with members of the professional community

C.8.2.a. interpret quantitative and qualitative research articles in rehabilitation and related fields in order to demonstrate knowledge of the strengths and limitations of various multivariate statistical methods when drawing conclusions about the validity of research in the various fields of professional counseling.

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