CRJU 2010 – CJ ETHICS Section GO1

Course Description –
Students will explore the philosophical study of moral and ethical principles applicable to the enforcement of the law, to the court system and to corrections. Students will examine the fundamental questions of social justice within the criminal justice profession. Students will explore diverse ethical positions that criminal justice professional face. Court opinions and hypothetical cases will be examined to enhance understanding of ethical issues facing criminal justice professionals today.

Pre-requisite –

  • CRJU 2000

Required Course Resources –

  • Ethics in Criminal Justice In Search of the Truth 5th edition
  • Sam S. Souryal Anderson Publishing
  • ISBN 978143775590

Course Learning Outcomes –
At the conclusion of this course students will be capable of :

  • Answering objective questions and essay questions in oral and written form, relating to ethic issues in the U.S. Criminal Justice System.
  • Through group interactions and /or role-playing, students will be capable of identifying various ethical issues and standards of law enforcement, the court system and corrections.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of ethical issues in the U.S. Criminal Justice System through readings and class discussion questions.
  • Using multiple processes of examination and practical exercises, students will be evaluated on their ability to appraise ans assess ethical issues that are presented to them.
  • Utilizing examples of ethical isues, students will demonstrate knowledge of ethical issues in criminal justice. This will is achieved via students contrasting solutions to various ethical issues and interpretations of their course (s) of actions (s)/interaction selected.
  • Students will submit a course paper on ethical issues as required and approved by the instructor that demostrates their knowledge of ethics outside of the course text.

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