JUV. JUS. SYS. – CRJU 3003 – GO1

CRJU 2000, CRJU 2100

Course Description:
Students will receive an overview of the Juvenile Justice System including research and theoretical perspectives. Students will complete an in-depth study of the system and early decision-making process with focus on the Police, the Juvenile Court and the limits of juvenile sanctions. The student will examine curent trends in Juvenile Justice and what the future might behold.

Required Course Resources:
Juvenile Justice in America 6th edition Clemens Bartollas and Stuart J. Miller Pearson Education Upper saddle River, New Jersey.
ISBN- 978-0-13-505087-3

Course Learning Outcomes:
1. To understand the structures, procedures, and philosophies of juvenile justice agencies in the United States.

2. To be capable of exploring and definding the important components of and debates over juvenile justice in the United States

3. To articulate the isues and challenges facing juvenile justice agencies today.

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