CRJU 3010 – CRIMINAL LAW – Section GO1

Course Description –
Students study criminal law, including but not limited to the elements of statutory and common law offenses and defenses thereto.

Pre-requisite –
It is STRONGLY recommended that persons enrolling in this course NOT ONLY have already accumulated enough course hours to be considered a “junior” or “senior” at the University, BUT ALSO, have (successfully) completed at least two of the following courses: CRJU 2000—Introduction to Criminal Justice; CRJU 2001—Report Writing; and CRJU 2100—Introduction to Corrections.

Required Course Resources –
Students taking this course will be required to purchase the following textbook, as a great deal of the required reading for this course will come from this textbook:

  • CRIMINAL LAW, 11th Edition by Joel Samaha
  • ISBN-10: 1285061918
  • ISBN 0-321-61351-1

Students should consult the Instructor BEFORE purchasing any edition other than the one listed above for use in the course. Should a student find himself unable—for whatever reason—to obtain a copy of the above-mentioned required textbook, he should inform the Instructor of these circumstances immediately.

A vast amount of additional required reading for this course will consist of news clippings, internet articles, court opinions, (other) textbook excerpts, newspaper editorials, political cartoons, etc., that will be provided to students via the course webpage.

Throughout the course, the Instructor will provide students with the titles and publisher information for any sources that the Instructor feels will supplement or further enhance the students’ understanding of course material. Some of these sources are already listed under the “Helpful Resources” sub-tab within this syllabus.

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